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Why was this feature built?

We have developed Twilio hosted ISV product (aka LeadConnector Telephony System) to help agencies in two ways

  • No need to signup for Twilio and integrate it to HighLevel
  • Built-in A2P 10DLC compliance for the USA


In the past, when an agency signed up to HighLevel, they then had to go and signup for Twilio and integrate SID / Auth token to HighLevel. Managing this requires fairly advanced knowledge and all agencies are not comfortable doing this on their own. Like any other SaaS platform, the ideal solution is to have telephony work out-of-the-box because that's how users expect a matured SaaS platform to work.


What is A2P 10DLC?

A2P 10DLC compliance and regulatory framework is a complex procedure that all agencies need to follow to send Application-to-Person (A2P) texts like marketing messages, promotions, appointment notifications & reminders, etc. This is NOT specific to Twilio or HighLevel. All providers across the USA need to follow this procedure and comply.


What is the problem?

Outside of HighLevel ISV, if the agencies wish to tackle the A2P 10DLC compliance on their own, the process looks like this

  1. Become an ISV yourself
  2. Register yourself as a Primary Profile (Brand)
  3. Register all your clients one-by-one as Secondary Profiles (Secondary Brand)
  4. Pick a use case
    1. The mixed-use case category serves well for Starter secondary profiles that send less than 3000 SMS / day and use less than 5 long-code phone numbers
    2. For locations that exceed the limits above, standard registration is required that may / may not be a mixed-use case category. This requires documents to be uploaded on behalf of each client manually.
  5. Upload documents and create a messaging service
  6. Attach phone numbers to that messaging service


Twilio help docs:


As you must be realizing, this procedure is not for the faint-hearted and requires considerable time & resources from the agency. The Twilio-hosted ISV feature takes care of the compliance built-in.


What will go wrong if I ignore A2P 10DLC?

While the enforcement deadlines have been delayed so far, ignoring A2P 10DLC procedures will result in

  • higher carrier charges because your messages will be marked as "unregistered traffic"
  • risk of being blacklisted as a spammer
  • penalties from carriers for spamming


How does HighLevel's Twilio hosted ISV help?

The Twilio hosted ISV feature helps you by

  • Managing your telephony end-to-end at the same cost as Twilio
  • Taking care of A2P 10DLC compliance in-app without needing any manual work


How to use this feature?

Step 1 - Get Beta Access

Until this feature becomes live (hopefully by end of December 2021), agencies will need to fill the beta access form found here -


Once they fill the beta access form, our team will reach out to them with further setup instructions. We are letting in agencies gradually while testing our systems. Thank you for your patience.


Step 2 - Convert your agency to ISV




When you switch your agency account to ISV, it will create all new locations under the LeadConnector phone service from that time forward. Once the new clients (in future) are taken care of, agencies can start moving their existing clients over from Step 3.


Step 3 - Move existing clients over





** The email ID that you use to send this email must belong to an Admin in your Twilio account. **


ℹ️ Please add as a CC to this email that you send.

If you forgot it the first time, just submit a new email and add CC this time!




** If you do not add in CC, Twilio might deny you the migration request.

In such a case, send a new email again, and add that email in CC this time. **


Step 4 - Let Twilio Support do their thing

Twilio support typically takes 3-4 business days to process this request. You do not need to do anything during this phase. Your old sub-account will continue to work normally. We will automatically detect when phone numbers are moved, switch to the new sub-account automatically.


Once this is done your screen will look like this:




1. Where can I see my client's Twilio usage?

You can see your client's Twilio usage by going to

- Location Settings -> Phone Numbers -> Summary or Detailed Transactions table.

This section is only visible to agency users.


2. My Clients require regulatory bundle verification / My clients wish to use their own Twilio account. How can I help them?

In such cases, your client can use their Twilio SID & Auth token to use their own Twilio instead of the LeadConnector phone system. They can configure this by going to Location Settings -> Phone Numbers -> Advanced Configuration


Note: In this case, the agency or the client will need to become A2P compliant themselves.


3. I am on a Pro plan and use SaaS Mode / Twilio Re-billing. Will that be affected?

LeadConnector Phone System will continue to work seamlessly with SaaS Mode even during the migration. Both systems are designed to work together.


4. Will Twilio rebilling work with ISV?

Yes, Twilio rebilling will continue to work with ISV.


5. How can I bill my clients for usage?

You can bill your clients the same way as you bill them for Twilio usage currently. If you are on the pro-plan then you can rebill your clients within HighLevel and save the time & effort needed to bill them manually.


6. In which countries are ISV available?

Twilio ISV / LeadConnector phone system is available in US, UK & Canada currently. We are in the process of building Regulatory bundle approvals in-app. When it is ready, ISV will be available for all countries.


7. My clients are outside the USA. Do they need A2P 10DLC?

No. A2P 10DLC is required only for your clients in the USA. The LeadConnector phone system will automatically register them for A2P 10DLC if the location country is set to the USA.


8. Where can I see my overall agency usage?

You can go to Agency settings -> billing tab to look at your overall Twilio usage



You can also see detailed transactions by clicking on the See Details > link



On this screen, you will see usage from all of your locations combined. You can use the export button for internal audits.


9. What are the costs of ISV -vs- Twilio?

HighLevel Twilio ISV (aka LeadConnector phone service) costs are the same as Twilio.


10. Do you support SHAKN/STIR registrations?

We do not support SHAKN/STIR registrations at the moment but we plan on supporting this by end of February 2022


11. Do you support CNAM registrations?

We do not support CNAM registrations as of now, but we plan to support them by the end of February 2022.


12. Do you support Regulatory Bundle approvals & application in-app?

We do not support regulatory bundles at the moment (this is the reason we only offer ISV in US, UK & Canada for now). But we are actively building it and will support it by the end of December 2021.