Creating a test contact

Click on Click here to switch on the top left once you are in the agency view

Click the subaccount you want to test in

Click on Contacts

Click on Add Contact

Fill out the First name and email and click Save

Sending the test email

It should automatically redirect you to the conversation page, click Send Email below

Configuring the sender's email

The highlighted part is where we can configure the sender's email address. Check here to see how to configure the sender email address when sending bulk emails. By default, it will show the user logged in as the sender's email address.

If you are using Mailgun

If I mask the sender email like, the reply-to address will show as, which is the Mailgun subdomain we set up for the sub-account in agency Settings-> Email Services > Location Settings. Replies will still appear correctly in the HighLevel sub-account's Conversation tab. 

e.g. my Mailgun subdomain is so the reply-to email address will show

We can set as the sender's email address to enhance email deliverability as the reply-to address domain will match the sender's email address.

You can also set up cold inbound email to capture any emails going to emails ending with

If you are using SMTP integration

Go to Sub-account Settings -> Email Services

Copy the highlighted email that's integrated as the SMTP and use that as the sender email in the conversation tab

Depending on what is the SMTP integration you are using, you could set up an alias/verify sender to send from other emails 

- Setting up an alias for Google SMTP

- Setting up an alias for Zoho SMTP

- Verifying sender email with Sendgrid

Troubleshooting email delivery

Once you send the email and if you are not able to receive it, be sure to check the spam folder.

For the error that we display in the Conversation view, we will fetch the error we got from the Mailgun API/ SMTP server and display it. If you click on the error icon to view the full error message, it should provide detail on why the email is not able to send.

If the error is not helpful, please open a support ticket with the SMTP provider so they can provide the delivery status on that email.

If you are using Mailgun, you can check the Mailgun logs and check out our email not sending help doc.

If email replies are not coming back

Once you receive the email, you can reply to the email and see if the reply will show up in the Conversation tab. If not, please check what you could do When email replies are not coming back to the Conversation.