1. Set up Mailgun HERE

if domain.com /mg.domain.com is set up with Mailgun


As long as there is only one location mapped to that mailgun domain you just set up, it will route all inbound emails to that location.


We can then use testing@domain.com alone by itself to capture incoming emails. So if the lead initiates the Conversation by sending an email to testing@domain.com, it will appear in HL.

If you set up a subdomain, We can then use testing@mg.domain.com alone by itself to capture incoming emails. 

after we create a domain or subdomain, whether it is domain.com or mg.domain.com

as long as only one HighLevel location uses that

If the leads reach out to the email anything@domain.com or anything@mg.domain.com, we will route all the replies to the HighLevel conversation tab depending on whether you set up the main domain or subdomain to that location