Step-by-step guide:

1. Sign up for Mailgun

2. Check your email inbox to verify the email address

3. Click Sending > Add New Domain

4. If your domain is, you can either set up the main domain or subdomain with Mailgun. 

  • Main domain:
    • If you are adding the main domain, it should not be used with Gsuite, or any other email provider
  • Subdomain:
    • To set up the subdomain with Mailgun, you can type
      • Examples:
  • Please set up the domain or subdomain under US, not EU.
  • Click Add domain

5. Now log in to your DNS records based on where you get the domain and add the 5 DNS records. 

  • If you are not sure where you should add the DNS records
  • Step 1: lookup domain that we are trying to set up in mxtoolbox
  • Only put the domain here, do not add http:// in front

Once you look up the domain, it should show what your DNS hosting provider is.

  • Step 2: check the bottom note it will say reported by e.g.

  • Now we could add the DNS records to the domain provider. We can google wordpress DNS records if you are not sure where to locate the DNS records area.

Based on what your domain provider is, now we could add the DNS records according to the domain provider:

If you don't find the domain provider on this list, you can refer to one of the articles above, which should be similar.

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Once you add all the DNS records and verify, you can grab the Mailgun API Key - Where to Find in Mailgun & Put in HighLevel

Then we could send a test email to see if everything works! Click here to learn How to send a test email in the Conversation