Mailgun Sending Logs

1. Log in to

2. Click Sending

3. Click Logs

4. Make sure the correct domain is selected 

5. Click on Add Filter

6. Select Recipient from the dropdown list and paste the email you are trying to get the delivery status for:

7. Click on Filter

Analyzing the results

Click the gear ⚙️ icon on the right once you locate the email

Select Quick view

It will show you a preview of the email

If it says delivered, please check the spam folder or reach out to Mailgun support to see if the email provider is blocking the email on their end.

Common errors

Not Delivering to Previously Bounced Address


1. Click Sending -> Suppressions

2. Choose the domain on top

3. Search for the recipient's email

4. Select the recipient and click the trash icon on the right to remove the contact email from the Bounces tab.

If the recipient unsubscribes accidentally

Switch to the Unsubscribes tab and remove the email from there.

Unauthenticated email from

Solution: Set DMARC to none for the custom domain. 

If you are using Gsuite email, you can configure set DMARC to none here.

Unauthenticated email from / / /

Quick workaround: switch the sender email from / / any other domain to your own domain/

e.g. switch to or

Learn where to configure the sender's email address here.