When email stats are not showing up, we will need to check how the user is sending the emails. Are they sending through email builder bulk action, or from smartlist, workflow or campaigns?

Each method will contain its own section of email statistics depending on how the user is sending that email.

When email stats are missing here once we click on the email template

Only when we send through here then it will show the stats in the Email builder

Why email template stats are not showing

How to reset Mailgun API key

How to check Cname record:

Because the Cname record is essential for Mailgun to track the open and click tracking, and unsubscribes.

We will use to look up the Cname record (depending on what you set up with mailgun)

Please share a screenshot of all the DNS records in the domain provider to so we can double-check the Cname record to make sure it's pointing to

You can refer to these articles to learn how to set up Mailgun.

Double-check Mailgun webhooks

Please remove all the * below when you set up the links:


Repeat the same step for every Event type:

Where will email statistics show for every email activity?

Workflow email stats

Click on the Email step -> Click Statistics on the top right

Campaigns email stats

Make sure that the date filter includes the date range you are looking for. When stats suddenly go missing, usually it's because the stats are in the last year/month.

SMTP integration will show opened and clicked only, we will not be able to fetch delivered/bounced stats.

Only mailgun will be able to show full stats

Bulk actions email stats

Click on the Successful % to view more statistics

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