Error: Unable to log you in at this time

1. Ask them which Internet service provider (ISP) they are using

If they have Verizon Fios, please disable protection here:

If they have CenturyLink, please disable secure wifi here as this will be the only way to access the app.

If they have had Survey Junkie before, please uninstall to see if it will work as it will update all SSL certificates on your website.

If they have McAfee installed, please turn off web protection here

We will be working on a long-term solution in the meantime. As long as the user is browsing secure websites on their device, turning off the protection feature should not bring any risks.

2. If they are not using the ISP mentioned above:

When they are trying to log in, Inspect the page, Open the network tab and create a loom with the request being sent. Show the response for the API.

You can submit a Loom video like the one below to for us to take a look further.

Error: Not able to send the security code at this time

Please reach out to the agency admin to add a user phone number for the user who tries to log in so they can send the 2FA code to the user's phone number. If you are the only agency admin, please reach out to so we can update the user phone number for you.

To get email verification to work, please watch this video to check further:

Article mentioned:

Ticket information to share with

1. What is the user login email?

2. Did the user check their spam folder for an email titled "Login Security Code"? 

3. What is the company relationship number? (found in agency settings->company tab)

4. Are you using your own SMTP or Mailgun? (check agency settings)

Error: User does not exist in this Agency

If this error is showing up when the user is trying to log in through a whitelabel domain, that means the user is not associated with that agency with their whitelabel domain.

No Error but the page just doesn't redirect and got stuck

1. Make sure cookies are allowed for

2. If it's still stuck, 

check If they have software (e.g. NordVPN) that might control browsing activity/web protection before, please turn off / uninstall to see if it will work as it will update all SSL certificates on your website.

Click on the lock icon on the top left > Click on Connection is secure to expand more information

Click on Certificate is valid

It might show Issued by: NordVPN here which means that it will block the page from loading