How To Reset The Reply Hook In HighLevel

Step 1: Go to agency level settings > Mailgun

Step 2: Click the edit pencil on the main API key and toggle between any options and re-save

Mailgun API Key - Where to Find in Mailgun & Put in HighLevel

Step 3: Refresh Receiving page in Mailgun to see if the hook was created

How To Manually Set Up The Reply Hook

Step 1: Log in to Mailgun >

Step 2: Go to the Receiving tab

If there is no webhook there (should look like what's below), click "Create Route" button

Step 3: Configure the following:

  • Expression Type: Catch All

  • Skip down to Description and enter: HighLevel Route

  • Priority and enter 99

Click Save!

What You Should See After Reply Hook Is Setup:

catch_all() Priority: 99



If replies are still not coming back into the platform, check if the MX records are set up properly.


Log in to Mailgun - 

1. Expand Sending tab

2. Click the last menu item Domain Settings

3. Make sure you select the correct domain/subdomain for the location on top

4. Click DNS records on the top middle

5. Click Verify DNS settings and see if all 5 DNS records, especially the MX record have a green checkmark?

Sometimes it might show if they have all green checkmarks but it might not be the case, you will need to click the Verify DNS Settings button again to refresh the record: 

If you are setting up a root domain, it might contradict Gsuite or Outlook where you are using the same domain for work emails. 

Depending on the subdomain you set up with Mailgun, 


The MX record is essential for Mailgun to track the replies tracking.  
We can use the Mxtoolbox to lookup the MX record for the subdomain/domain you set up.
We will need to add and and set priority 10 for both MX records. 


If it's still not working, please share a screenshot of all the DNS record in your domain provider and reach out to our support here (godaddy,namecheap,etc)