Important NoteIn April of 2022, Mailgun brought back the ability to implement 5 receiving routes on the foundation trial period which means you would be able to route all emails back to Highlevel! Back In January of 2020, Mailgun removed the ability to receive replies from their free tier. But now you can use Mailgun's 3-month free trial plan in order to receive emails in HighLevel. 

Please go to the Receiving tab on the left menu and click Create Route on the top right.

How To Reset The Reply Hook In HighLevel

Step 1: Go to agency level settings > Mailgun

Step 2: Click the edit pencil on the main API key and toggle between any options and re-save

Step 3: Refresh Receiving page in Mailgun to see if the hook was created

How To Manually Set Up The Reply Hook

Step 1: Go to the Receiving tab

Step 2: If there is no webhook there (should look like what's below), click "Create Route" button

Step 3: Configure the following:

If the agency had the client get their own Mailgun account and the forward link needs to be white-labeled, use this: 

What You Should See After Reply Hook Is Setup:

catch_all() Priority: 99