It's Time To Automate Your Profits!

First, Why SaaS Mode?


Step 1: Connect Stripe To Your Agency Dashboard

  • Sign into your Stripe Account
  • In a new browser tab log into your Agency HighLevel account, go to Settings > Stripe Integration Payments (Note: the video below instructs you to go to the Stripe Integration tab which has moved to the Payments tab)
  • Click the "Connect To Your Stripe account button, which will open up Stripe and prompt you to connect

Step 2: Configure Your SaaS Plans

  • Agency account > Plan Configurator
  • Build your plans, set your pricing, set your trial, add Twilio credits, attach snapshots, chose Twilio rebilling profit
  • Click "Show Stripe Product Details" under each plan price to copy the Stripe plan ID

NOTE: These plans are created in the Agency's Stripe and Must NOT be deleted from there, else we'll need to reset your SaaS Configurator.

Step 3: Build Your Pricing Page

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please disable Sticky Contact on your order form for SaaS Funnels, and enable the option 'New contact on every purchase'

If you are using versions 2 funnels/website please skip to Steps for Version 2 funnels

  • Switch into your agency sub-account > Settings > Integrate the same Stripe account from Step 1
  • Create Pricing Signup page and add the plans from SaaS configurator to the Product Tab

Steps for (Version 1) funnels:

Please note that it is recommended to use Version 2 funnels. Migrate your funnel to Version 2 now!

  • Build out your Pricing/Signup page
  • Add 2-Step Order Form to page
  • Go to Advanced settings for the order form
  • Disable 'Sticky Contact'
  • Enable 'New Contact On Every Purchase'
  • You're ready to go!

Steps for (Version 2) funnels (Recommended):
Note: Only Stripe works for SaaS products, PayPal will not work.

Step 3.1: Copy Stripe ID from SaaS Config

Step 3.2: Head into SaaS Location > Payments tab

Step 3.3: Click on "+ Import from Stripe" button

Step 3.4: Paste Stripe ID from Step 1: You will see (agency plan) when selecting your price

Step 3.5: Add Setup fee (optional)

Step 3.6: Hit "Import Product & Price"

Setting up your Funnel/ Website

Step 3.7: After importing all prices for your SaaS Funnel, go to Sites > Funnels > Add a new funnel or website

Step 3.8: Add your imported products to the sales page 

Step 3.9: Add 1-Step or 2-Step Order Form to page
Step 3.10: Go to Advanced settings for the order form

Step 3.11: Disable 'Sticky Contact'

Step 3.12: Enable 'New Contact On Every Purchase'

You're ready to go!

Step 4: Build A Notification Workflow

You'll most likely want to build a Workflow to notify yourself when a new SaaS Customer signs up so that you can kick off whatever onboarding you have planned as well as purchase a white-labeled DFY setup.

  • Create a new Worfklow
  • Click "Add New Workflow Trigger", search & select "Two step order", add a filter for "In Funnel", then specify the funnel that contains your sales page 


What happens when someone signs up?

When a SaaS Subscription is sold (meaning someone signs up to one of your plans that was created via the SaaS Configurator via a 2-Step order form), the following occurs:

  • A location/sub-account is created using the First & Last Name entered into the 2-Step Order Form as the Location Name
  • A User is created using the First Name, Last Name, and Email that was entered into the 2-Step Order Form and a password is generated
  • Location permissions are applied to the sub-account based on the feature set of the purchased plan in the SaaS Configurator
  • SaaS Mode is enabled for the sub-account
  • Twilio Re-Billing is enabled for the sub-account according to the Re-Billing settings in the SaaS Configurator
  • An email is sent from your default Mailgun sending-subdomain to the user that was created containing the username & password (if you don't have your own Mailgun configured, the email is sent from

Can clients control their re-billing settings?

Yes, clients can view their current credit balance, view all usage/charges, and configure their re-charge settings by going to Settings > Company Billing

Can I sell SaaS Mode in a different currency?

Yes, you just need to create your SaaS plans like normal then go into Stripe, edit the Product price, change the currency, then manually edit the Product settings in your funnel/website sales page.


  • This edit cannot be made after the product has an active subscription. 
  • The Twilio re-billing will still function in US dollars

Why is my subaccount not created when purchasing on SaaS funnel?

SaaS subaccount will not work in the following cases:

  • Price purchased is not a SaaS price (the price must be located inside the SaaS product created in Stripe)
  • Purchase is in Test mode
  • Purchase is not in Stripe (using PayPal instead)
  • Email used for purchase already has an account associated with it (use a different email for purchasing a new subaccount)

Can I use SaaS Mode just for Twilio Rebilling (no plans)? 

Yes, you can manually activate SaaS Mode for any existing sub-account by going to your Agency Account > Accounts tab, scrolling to the sub-account, clicking the three dot icon to the right of the sub-account, and selecting "Switch To SaaS"

What about Tax?

If you have customers who have already purchased, log into Stripe and go to Products > Tax Rates where you can add tax ("inclusive" means your agency will cover the tax - "exclusive" means the customer will pay tax on top of the plan price). After you create the Tax rate, copy the Tax Rate ID, go to the Customer > edit subscription, Add Tax and select the rate you created.

For new customers moving forward, you can dynamically calculate and apply accurate taxes in real-time by using a third-party Stripe integration, which you can find here:

How can I add my own products/services to SaaS Products?

Your customers only ever see what's on the sales page, so simply add the corresponding sales copy to your sales page, include whatever is needed for the product/service in your snapshot, and configure you price. 

How can I change the price of SaaS Mode for a specific client?

Simply log into Stripe, find the customer, and edit their subscription.

Can I change the permissions of an existing SaaS Mode sub-account?

Yes, to do so:

  1. Go to your Agency Account > Accounts tab 
  2. Click the "View Details" link on the right side of the sub-account/location you want to adjust permissions for
  3. Scroll down to the "Enable/Disable Products" section where you can toggle on/off features.