Sub-accounts generated through SaaS Mode (meaning the account was created by someone signing up to a Stripe Subscription that was created by the SaaS Configurator in your Agency Account) are governed by a set of Sub-Account Level permissions that are determined by the feature set of each of the plans in the SaaS Configurator. (This is located in the Agency View > SaaS Configurator > Plans & Pricing tab > Edit Details button)

When the system generates the User account for the person who signed up for a SaaS Mode plan, their User Permissions are determined by the Sub-Account Level permissions.

A User cannot have more permissions than the Sub-Account Level permissions allow.

Adjusting Sub-Account Level Permissions

To adjust Sub-Account level permissions:

  1. Go to your Agency Account (Agency View) > Sub-Accounts tab > Search for a sub-account you want to change permissions for
  2. Click the three dots > click "Manage Client" 
  3. Scroll down to the "Enable/Disable Products" section, where you can toggle on/off features. 

Toggling on a feature unlocks the corresponding User Permission, which could be activated by going into the sub-account > Settings > Team Management, where an admin can click Edit and adjust the User Permissions.