If you are on the Pro Plan and have a subaccount / location in SaaS mode, you can enable any of the 3 SaaS plans for them. Once added to a SaaS plan from the system, their subscription is handled at Stripe level. If you need to upgrade / downgrade their account, you will need to do this from Stripe. This article will show you all the steps you need to follow in order to upgrade an account from one SaaS plan to another (downgrade will also be similar).

How to change SaaS plan

In this example, we have 3 SaaS plans, Standard, Professional and Premium. Each higher plan has more features offered.

We have a location which is on the Standard plan with basic features only.

To upgrade this location to the Professional plan, we will need to go into our Stripe account and open the customer associated with this location.

Finding the Stripe Customer

You can search the customer in Stripe using your client's email. However, the preferred method is to search the invoice ID for this location and get the customer ID from there.

1. Go into Subaccount Settings > Company Billing and click "View" for any invoice shown in the Billing History

2. Copy the invoice number

3. Search for the invoice number on Stripe and click on the invoice to open the details

4. Click on the customer email shown in the 'Billed to' column on the invoice, it will take you to the customer's profile in Stripe

Changing the subscription plan

Now that we are in the customer profile on Stripe, we update the client's subscription plan.

1. Click on the pencil icon to update the subscription plan

2. Remove the current price and add the new plan's price

3. Review your changes, prorate changes if you want to adjust the billing difference in the next invoice, and then hit the update button

4. On your agency account, go to the Accounts tab > View details for the location. The plan is now upgraded but you still need to update their accessible features according to the new plan:

5. Save the updated feature set for this location, and then you're good to go!