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Available in Plans: All plans ie $97, $297, $497

Type: Billed per AI message generated

Cost: $0.02 per Message sent to the contact or suggestion shown to the sub-account user

Free of Cost: "Bot training" and "Bot Trial" are both free of cost. (Train and test for free before deploying the bot)

Re-billing the costs to your clients and making a profit

Available in Plans: $497, $297(lower markup)

How do I turn on re-billing for my clients?

  1. If the sub-account isn't in SaaS Mode already, switch the sub-account into SaaS Mode by going into your Agency account > Accounts tab > Scroll to the sub-account > Click the three dots icon and select "Switch to SaaS." Please refer to this article to learn How to convert a location to SaaS.
  2.  In Agency account > Accounts tab > Scroll to the Sub-Account > Click the three dots -> Manage Client > Click the Rebilling tab section -> find Conversation AI and toggle it on.
  3. Use the slider to set the amount of markup you like to make and hit save!
  4. Rinse and repeat for all your Sub-Accounts where you wish to rebill for usage.

       NOTE: Use the "Conversation AI" tab in "Agency Settings" for easy enabling of Rebilling for the subaccounts