If you are selling SaaS products via your funnels or websites, you may need to upgrade your funnels or websites to version 2 available in all accounts before 15 March 2022

What are v2 funnels & websites?

v2 funnels and websites are more secure, faster, better converting & more feature packed successors of OG funnels & websites. 

You can learn more about the differences between v2 -vs- v1 funnels & websites in these articles


Why do I need to move to v2 funnels if I am selling SaaS?

You need to upgrade your existing funnels & websites that you use to sell SaaS to v2 versions because of enhanced security and card authorization capabilities that are built into v2 funnels. This will provide you a more robust and secure subscription management experience for your SaaS initiative. 

v2 funnels & websites 

  • allow you to create one-step order checkouts
  • are compatible with 3D secure payments
  • are faster
  • use Stripe connect integration instead of API key integration
  • work better with products, prices & payments features
  • have built -in card authorization security when you sell a recurring product

v2 funnels & websites are better than v1 funnels & websites in all aspects.

In this article we will discuss how you can migrate to v2 funnels & websites if you are currently selling SaaS using an old funnel. 

How can I upgrade my SaaS funnels / websites to v2?

Step 1 : How do I know which funnel / website version I am on?

If your SaaS selling funnel / website is already a v2 funnel, you do not need to take any more steps! You are all done.

If your SaaS selling funnel / website is a v1 funnel / website, please follow the steps further.

Step 2 : Make sure you are using Stripe connect

In order to sell SaaS, this Stripe account must be the same as the Stripe account connected at your agency level.

To check which Stripe account is connected to your agency please navigate to Agency view -> Settings -> Stripe and look at the email ID as shown below

While connecting your Stripe account, you may be logged in to multiple email IDs or multiple accounts with the same email ID. Please make sure to select the right one.

Step 3 : Upgrade old funnel to v2 funnel

Before upgrading

Import your Stripe Products to your SaaS location using the steps in this article - 

Your v1 funnel's product area would look something like this before upgrading. 

During the Upgrade

The upgrade process typically lasts for 45 - 60 seconds. Please make sure you do not navigate away from the page during the upgrade. 

After the upgrade

After the upgrade your screen would look like this

Please make sure to test your products in live mode after the upgrade. Please note that SaaS account creation does not work in test mode.