Update: If the Twilio number is SMS incapable, we use the default number to send out the SMS instead.

Order of choice:

Primary rule: 

If the User (who logged in to send the SMS) is inside the Location's team management as an employee and has a Twilio Number assigned to himself or herself:

Then the lead will get the SMS from the Inbound Twilio number assigned to that User.

E.g. If Coach Steve logs in as himself and send SMS to the leads, the leads will get the SMS from his Inbound Twilio Number.

More info: https://help.gohighlevel.com/support/solutions/articles/48001152124-phone-numbers-for-users-assign-twilio-numbers-to-users

If the User (who logged in to HL) is not inside that location OR the User doesn't have a Twilio number assigned, we will first use

1. Channel number (first Twilio number ever used with that contact)

If that number got removed, we will then use:

2. Default outbound number

The icons on the right help to indicate which Twilio number is used when sending SMS.

Question mark (?): The Channel number or the default outbound number is used to send those SMS from the campaign.

Picture or User's Initials: The Twilio number assigned to the user is used to send manual SMS or SMS from the campaign. Otherwise, it will use the Channel number / the default outbound number.

More info: https://help.gohighlevel.com/support/solutions/articles/48001152123-sms-still-coming-from-old-twilio-number-when-i-got-a-new-one-