Troubleshooting tips if your SMS are not sending:

Messages will not send if the body exceed the limit of 1600 characters.

If you are using a trigger to send sms. Check the body of message. Also, check to see if there is a custom value of {{message.body}}

Example, if someone replies via email and there email exceed the limit of 1600 characters, the message will not send if you have the custom value {{message.body}}

Other Reasons for SMS Not Sending

Please Note: There is a file size limit of 500mb when attaching videos to SMS messages

Login to Twilio:

Go to Settings on the left menu

If there are too many subaccounts inside Twilio, you can go back to HL and copy the Account SIN for that location to search in Twilio:

 Click into the subaccount so you will see there's an orange text on top left:

Click the three dots icon on the left:

Click Phone Numbers:

We can check:

1. if the phone number can send/receive SMS to domestic numbers only

2. if the phone number is SMS capable

If the phone number is not limited to send/receive calls/SMS to domestic numbers only, and you still can't receive SMS/Calls, please make sure that your Geo permissions are unlocked.

Twilio help article:

HL's Help article on geo permission issue:

To check each SMS or Call status, Click the Twilio number associated with HL

Then we could check the Call logs or the message logs: