In this article, we will discuss how you can use LeadConnector/Twillio Phone number to register for WhatsApp business account


Pre-requisites for WhatsApp Setup

Connect your Agency Stripe Account

Your agency Stripe account will be used to collect subscription payments for WhatsApp from your clients. You can connect your agency Stripe account to your agency by following this helpful article: How to Connect Stripe to Agency.

Note: You can also Direct Deploy WhatsApp if you do not have a Stripe connected. However, this will charge your agency Card on file, skipping the reselling feature.

Setting Up Reselling

In the reselling tab of agency settings, you can offer WhatsApp and set your pricing for subaccounts. This allows you to charge your clients a markup while HighLevel bills you at a fixed rate. When a client wants to, they can then purchase WhatsApp at this marked-up price. Allowing you to recoup the HighLevel price we charge you and then make a profit every month.

Facebook Business Account

When setting up WhatsApp within a subaccount, you'll need a Facebook Meta business account and a WhatsApp Business profile. Follow the prompts to link accounts and fill in business information. 

You will need a Facebook Account and a Facebook Meta Business Account. (Learn what a Meta Business Account is here.)

We will also utilize a "WhatsApp Business Account" and a "WhatsApp Business Profile", if you do not have one, this is completely normal, the process outlined below will create one for you if you do not have one to select.

How to use LC/Twillio Number to connect with WhatsApp business account 

You can use LC/Twillio phone numbers as a WhatsApp business number. You will have to set up call forwarding on the phone number you purchased from HighLevel, post that you can add that number on WhatsApp, the verification code will sent to you on the forwarded number via a phone call

Step 1: Go to Phone Numbers > Click Add Number > Select the number and Proceed to Buy

Step 2: Set up Call Forwarding to your number

This especially required if the phone number you bought only has voice capabilities, since the Meta will be sending an OTP at the time of WhatsApp Registration. Ensure that you have access to the forwarding number

Step 3: Go to Settings > WhatsApp > Buy WhatsApp

Step 4: Click on Signup with Facebook

Step 5: Login to Facebook Account

Step 6: Click on Get stared

Step 7: Fill in your business information > Select Business Portfolio > Enter Business Name > Add website or profile page > Select Country

Step 8: Create or Select your WhatsApp Business account

Step 9: Create a WhatsApp business profile > Enter WhatsApp business account name > Enter WhatsApp business display name > Enter Category

Step 10: Enter the LC/Twillio Phone Number

Select Verification as Phone if your number only has calling capabilities, ensure that you have enabled call forwarding. If your number has SMS capabilities then choose SMS

If you selected SMS, you will get the code from Meta under conversation on LeadConnector app

Step 11: Enter the code received on call/SMS 

Step 12: Review Permission

Step 13: The WhatsApp integration is complete and now you are ready to chat with people on WhatsApp 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I use an LC/Twilio number on WhatsApp even if my A2P 10DLC registration is incomplete?

Question: How do I set up call forwarding on my LC/Twilio number for WhatsApp verification?

Answer: After purchasing the phone number from HighLevel, go to Phone Numbers > Click Add Number > Select the number and proceed to buy. Then, set up call forwarding to your number to ensure you receive the verification code during WhatsApp registration.

Question: I received an error message stating that the number is registered to an existing WhatsApp account. What should I do next?


This error usually occurs in two situations:

  1. Active WhatsApp Account on Your Mobile Device:
    If you currently have an active WhatsApp account on your mobile device, you need to delete that account to connect with the chat account. Follow these steps:
  2. WhatsApp Number Connected to Another Provider:
    If your WhatsApp number is linked to another provider, you need to create a new WABA account and migrate your number to the new WABA account

Question: I am getting Message Undeliverable error


Reasons can include:

  • The recipient phone number is not a WhatsApp phone number.
  • Sending an authentication template to a WhatsApp user who has a +91 country calling code (India). Authentication templates currently cannot be sent to WhatsApp users in India.
  • The message was not delivered to create a high quality user experience. See Per-User Marketing Template Message Limits.