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When you create a new template in WhatsApp Manager, you select its category. We then validate this category using our category guidelines and set your template's status based on the results of this validation.


Pre-requisites for using WhatsApp at a location?

The location should have an active WhatsApp Subscription and the Meta onboarding should be completed.

Please refer to the steps mentioned in the WhatsApp Location Onboarding Steps and Best Practices.

Setting Up a WhatsApp Template

If you wish to offer a different rate to certain clients, you can do so by following these two steps:

Step 1 : Go to Sub-Account -> Settings -> WhatsApp -> Template tab -> Click on Create Template

Learn how to Add a Media to your templates!
WhatsApp's latest update introduces support for Media Templates, enabling users to send various types of media content, including Images, Videos Documents, and Location. Learn more here: WhatsApp Media Templates

Step 2 : A new section will open where you will need to fill in the Template Name, Category, Language and Header the information

Details around the fields available

  1. Template Name - The name of the template should be set using lowercase characters.
  2. Category - Slecet between the Marketing and Utility Category. Read about Template Categorisation Guidelines.
  3. Language - Select from the list of all the languages available.
  4. Header (Optional) - You can add a static or a variable header. Only 1 custom variable is allowed in the header.

Step 3 : Fill in additional details Body and Footer

Details around the fields available

  1. Body - The message that would be sent to the customer. You can add multiple custom variables while creating the template by clicking on Add Variable. 
  2. Footer (Optional) - You can add a static footer.
NOTE: Please fill sample value for all the custom variables added as Meta need examples to be sent while submitting the Template.

Step 4 : Verify the template message and hit on Create

Step 5 : Now we will send this template to Meta for approval and you can track the status in the Template Tab.

Statuses for Templates

  1. Pending - Template successfully submitted and sent to Meta for approval.
  2. Approved - Template is successfully verified and can be used for seeing messages to the customers.
  3. Rejected - The template was rejected by Meta and needs to be resubmitted. Read FAQ for re submission.

What's next?

  1. Once your clients have a registered template they can start using the below and product areas to send/receive WhatsApp messages.
  2. If you still have not added a number that can be used inside WhatsApp, refer below:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do we add custom variables in Header and Body of a Template?

    Step 1 - Click on add variable available under Header or Body.
    Step 2 - Click on tag icon and select the custom variable(as in this case it is contact name) and a sample text(Shubham Gupta in this case).
  2. How do you submit a rejected template or edit a previously approved template?

    Step 1Click on the accordion icon and hit Edit templateStep 2 - Fill in all the information again and hit Create.