The roadmap for growing a local Real Estate Agency online is simple: capture new leads, conversationally convert those leads into sales, turn those customers into positive reviews and recommendations/advocates. Here’s the playbook:

Capture More Leads

  • Install the SMS Webchat Widget on the Realtor’s website.
  • Integrate the Realtor’s Google Business Profile to activate Google Chat (If they have a Google Business Profile)
  • Activate The Missed-Call Text-Back so that any unanswered calls to the Realtor immediately receive a text message saying, “Sorry we missed your call - how can we help?”

Nurture Leads into Bookings

  • Configure helpful Text Snippets for phrases & links the Realtor often sends to people.
  • Activate Conversation AI so the Realtor has a fully trained, always-on assistant to conversationally convert leads into bookings.

Turn Leads into Sales

Turn Sales into Positive Reviews 

Turn Sales into Advocates

  • Configure Newsletter Email Template so the Realtor can easily send out news, updates, and promotions to their contacts.