Calendar Payments are now possible when booking an appointment. It allows the location to receive payments when a client or customer books for a certain calendar appointment. This is very useful, especially for businesses that require a certain payment to book an appointment slot.

Covered in this article:

Available payment providers and how to add them

1. Payments in calendars are supported through two payment gateways, namely Stripe and,

2. Add the payment gateways first from your sub-account by going to the Payments Tab > Integrations

Please Note:

If you connect multiple gateways, you would see a dropdown to select your default payment gateway. Only the DEFAULT PAYMENT GATEWAY will be used to collect payments. So if you chose Stripe then it will only collect payments thru Stripe.

3. Now, go to Calendar Settings. 

3. Edit (by clicking on the three dots) an existing calendar or Create a New Calendar (Advanced Settings). Under Forms & Payments you will see a toggle to "Accept Payments". 

Once enabled, these new form fields would appear:

  1. Amount (with currency)
  2. Description
  3. Payment mode (Test or Live)

Please Note:

Payments DOES NOT WORK for calendars with recurring appointments enabled.

REMEMBER! If you don't see the Payment Options like on the screenshot below, it's because you haven't integrated a payment gateway yet or the calendar is a calendar for recurring appointments. Review the steps above to activate Payment Options for Calendars.