Both one-time and recurring products can be sold on 1-step and 2-step order forms for Funnels version 2. (Note: All new funnels and websites are created as version 2) This help article addresses several use cases of selling products on order forms and limitations to keep in mind while designing your checkout flow.

Available payment providers

We have 4 payment providers available for selling products on order forms:

  • Stripe 
  • NMI
  • PayPal 

Options to sell on order forms

  • Main/Primary products - This is the main product that you're selling on the order form. 
  • Bump products - These can be added as available options to check while the contact/leading is purchasing a primary product.
  • Upsell - Upsells are used when the lead has purchased a primary product and you immediately want to offer a service/product at the click of a button after the checkout.

Few points to keep in mind

  1. Apple Pay and Google Pay are only supported by Stripe. To display Apple Pay as a payment method, businesses would require to turn the toggle on the Stripe connection card under Payments -> Integrations
  2. Google Pay will be displayed by default (if applicable in the buyer's country) if the business is connected to Stripe
  3. Different recurring products cannot be sold in a single checkout with any payment provider. Businesses can make use of upsell purchases for selling two different recurring products within a single flow
  4. PayPal does not support purchasing bump products while the lead purchases a recurring product. 
  5. Businesses can configure the setup fees, trial period and number of payments while creating a recurring product under Payments -> Products and those settings will be auto-applied when the lead purchases that product
  6. Businesses can track all orders submitted under Payments -> Orders, subscriptions created under Payments -> Subscriptions and manage refunds under the Transactions table