- Agencies on Any Plan  ($97, $970, $297, $2970, $497, $4970) can access Workflow AI.

- Once Workflow AI is enabled via the Agency settings, EXISTING and New Sub-Accounts will have 100 free executions.

- For agencies to avoid accruing execution costs for EXISTING Sub-Accounts, rebilling will need to be enabled manually for each Sub-Account within the Agency view (more info).

- If Workflow AI is enabled on the SaaS Configurator, new Sub-Accounts generated will automatically be enrolled in Workflow AI, no further action is required by the agency.

How to enable Workflow AI at the Agency level?

  • To enable LC Premium Triggers & Actions for your whole Agency (including all your Sub-Accounts), head into your AgencyLevel > Settings > Company > LC - Premium Triggers & Actions and enable the toggle.

  • Check the box "I confirm that I agree to the Workflow AI terms." And then hit Enable.
  • You can enable or disable the Workflow AI feature or rebill for each Sub-Account in Agency Settings > Workflow AI. You can access Sub-Account Settings only if Workflow AI is enabled at the Agency Level.

        Please Note:

Agencies on Any Plan  ($97, $970, $297, $2970, $497, $4970) can access Workflow AI.

Workflow AI Pricing

  • Once Premium Actions & Triggers are enabled via the Agency settings, EXISTING and New Sub-Accounts will have 100 free executions.

  • Once the 100 free executions are consumed, 0.03$/execution will be debited from the Agency Wallet for each execution from any Sub-Accounts usages UNLESS re-billing is enabled (see below for more info).

Re-billing the costs to your clients and making a profit

(only for 497 SaaS Agencies)

Once you have enabled Workflow AI in your agency account, it will be automatically enabled for all your clients to use. 

You can bill your clients at cost or add markup.


How to turn on re-billing for my clients?

  1. Ensure you have enabled Workflow AI for your Agency first. (see instructions)

  2. If the sub-account isn't in SaaS Mode already, switch the sub-account into SaaS Mode by going into your Agency account > Accounts tab > Scroll to the sub-account > Click the three dots icon and select "Switch to SaaS."  How to convert a location to SaaS.

  3. In Agency account > Accounts tab > Scroll to the Sub-Account > Click the View Details link > Scroll to the Workflow AI Re-Sell Settings section and toggle it on.

  4. Use the slider to set the amount of markup you like to make and hit save!

  5. Rinse and repeat for all your Sub-Accounts where you wish to rebill for usage.

How does re-billing work?

This is very similar to other products that use re-billing or reselling models in the platform. Just like LC Phone or LC Email re-billing, re-billing of the Premium Workflow actions also utilizes "credits" from the agency wallet & the location wallet, respectively. 

How to use Workflow AI?

White-labeled instructions for your clients