AI is a big word in our world right now, but what is it and how can you use it in HighLevel? In this document, we'll delve into the various HighLevel AI tools available, how they work, and pro tips for maximizing their effectiveness. Let's get started!


What is AI?

AI, short for Artificial Intelligence, simulates human intelligence in machines to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. In the context of business, AI offers automation and enhancement of processes, creative assistance, and improved customer experiences.

How AI Works

AI operates on prompts provided by users. A prompt is the directive or content given to the AI, which then generates a response based on the input. Detailed prompts lead to more accurate and relevant AI responses.

Pro Tips for Using AI Effectively

As with any tool, there are tips and tricks to help you succeed and fast-track your success.

Understand AI as a Tool: Recognize AI's role as a tool that requires understanding and training for optimal use.


Make Detailed Prompts: Provide specific and detailed prompts to get precise AI responses tailored to your needs.

Use AI for Creativity and Research: Utilize AI to kickstart the creative process, generate content ideas, and conduct research efficiently.

Use AI on Auto-Pilot: After training and testing, utilizing AI on auto-pilot allows for automated customer responses and business processes. Many of our AI products allow for this, learn more below.

Practice, Try it Out Now!: Most importantly, just practice using different prompts and tools to help improve your business processes and customer interactions.

Go to Chat GPT and create a free account. Then spend some time practicing! Ask ChatGPT to create something for you. Experiment with different prompts and see what you get. Think about how you can add it to your business processes and customer interactions. 

After practicing, start using it in HighLevel. Then consider how to train your clients how to use it in HighLevel so you can rebill to make a profit from their usage in HighLevel. They will be happy to pay after you show them how it will help their business grow while saving them time!

AI Tools in High-Level

Within HighLevel we have several built-in tools to help you utilize AI to grow your business. Let’s review each of them below.

Content AI

Content AI enables businesses to create content using AI assistance. It can generate social media posts, emails, website headlines, blogs, and more based on user-defined parameters.

Learn more about Content AI

Reviews AI

Automate the management of reviews with Reviews AI, offering suggestions or autopilot responses to customer feedback, thus streamlining reputation management.

Learn how to enable and use Reviews AI: A Guide to Suggestive and Auto-Pilot Modes 

Conversation AI

Conversation AI provides automated chatbot experiences, capable of handling one-off inquiries, FAQs, and appointment scheduling with proper training and context.

Learn more about Conversation AI

Workflow AI

Workflow AI integrates with ChatGPT within the Workflow builder, allowing for customized automation of complex processes and workflows, albeit requiring technical expertise for setup and fine-tuning.

Need to know: When using Workflow AI it will NOT consider previous conversations or messages unless you add it to the prompt. For example: follow up responses will NOT consider the previous content unless you add in the previous prompt or content you want it to consider.

Learn more about Workflow AI

Should I Use Conversation AI or Workflow AI?

Most business owners will prefer Conversation AI as it is easier to use due to its user friendly interface and training features. In contrast, workflow AI offers greater control over prompts but setting it up and improving the responses is a lot more complicated than Conversation AI.

Check out this helpful comparison table to help you understand the differences and choose the best option for you.

Conversation AIWorkflow AI
  • Recommended for most users due to its training and user-friendly interface.

  • Easier to learn and use.
  • Great for general requests based on trained content.
  • Most closely answers from trained material and prompts only - not considering outside sources that are not trained.
  • Greater control over prompting. However, setup and improvement are more complicated.
  • Harder to learn and use.
  • Good for one-off needs like intent finding or custom specialized flows.
  • Consider all of the internet and the prompt when responding to requests.

Third-Party Tools/Integrations

High-level offers integration with third-party tools developed by external developers, expanding functionality beyond built-in features. These tools can be accessed through the developer app marketplace.

Learn more about Third Party Tools

AI Pricing and Rebilling

AI Pricing HighLevel

AI Tools are available on all plans and are charged based on usage. 

Learn more about all of HighLevel’s Pricing, including AI Pricing, in the HighLevel Pricing Guide. Pricing varies between AI products and is subject to change from time to time due to business or industry changes.

Developer Marketplace Apps can be free or paid and are set by external developers. You will find their contact information on the App when choosing to install or manage it.

Rebilling AI Costs

On the $497 Plan Agencies can rebill the AI usage of Sub-Accounts to their customers at a marked-up price to make the money back for usage. This can even make a marginal profit. To learn how to set up Rebilling, read the setup doc provided below per AI tool. To learn more about check out Rebilling, Reselling, and Wallets. 


HighLevel AI tools serve as invaluable assets for businesses, offering automation, creativity, and efficiency in various operations. By understanding how to effectively use these tools and incorporating them into your workflows, you can unlock their full potential to propel your business forward.

Remember to experiment, test, and refine your approaches to maximize the benefits of AI in your business endeavors. Embrace the power of AI to streamline processes, enhance customer experiences, and drive growth.