Social Media Posting is Live!


After sitting in on some FB Advertising and media posting in the weekend, I learnt FB are penalising you by getting you bugger all reach if you dont use their Creation studio and create ON FB.  Whilst this is great tool for GHL it wont help your algorhythm with FB.

Lisa - I've never heard of that. Can you share?

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I was on a training course with a FB media coach last weekend who let us know that is what FB have implemented. They have added their "creator studio" under "publishing tools" which has a schedualing app in there. She said basically follow the "hints" FB are putting out - lots of live videos, creating INSIDE of FB (hence the new suite) they want people to stay inside the platform not go off it.  I dont have anything specific to share with you but the coach was Kerry Fitzgibbon if you want to follow up. :) 

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