Behind the scenes look at the new payments release!

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This is great and a huge step. Any chance that there may be a way to create different products/services with various prices to be able to attach to a calendar booking? For example, one thing that is holding me back with the needs of a client is the ability to pay in full when booking an auto detailing service. I'm currently able to do this with my client's "Schedule Once" Platform by having different event types within a single booking calendar, so they can choose the proper vehicle size for their service to make a full payment. But am really hoping to get fully automated in GHL with this client to keep booking forms, contacts, etc all within this single platform. All I seem to be able to do at the moment is allow the customer booking to pay a deposit, and then the rest will be due on pickup. But client really likes having the jobs paid in full and saves them a whole step at the shop when interacting with their customer on vehicle pickup. Thanks! -Taryn

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