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I want to trigger events in a workflow, but I can not find the chat widget CRM event or the Chat Widget Form under the 'Form submitted' CRM event. 

Am I missing something or is this a feature that can be added?

Also, when I reply to the user's chat, it goes to their cell as an SMS, not to the chat window, there is no current way to have a 2-way chat via the chat window on the website correct?

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Hi @Natasha, 

Currently, the non-AI chat widget does not have the function to allow a form to be presented to the user to be filled out.

 I am thinking that it was planned to make communication from the website to the user's phone as they can easily leave the website. 

The GHL AI chat widget is interactive meaning that it can more fully interact with the user. I signed up for a PRO account and was told that it can take 48 hours for my account to move from Freelancer to the PRO., so have not had the chance to test it out.

I had a question about how to indicate the user responded to the chat by filling out the 4 fields and hitting submit but watching another video I was able to find the solution.


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@Inayet Hadi Thank you for your reply and that screenshot!!

I will be looking into the AI Chat and the trigger you showed.

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