New Feature Launched -- Email Builder/Marketing!

Build amazing emails, top quality email marketing, send/schedule emails right from the builder. Amazing features and such an awesome job done by the whole team!

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could not add columns or add elements  even to blank template

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@David Hebert

You have to add a Section, then add a Row which has column selections. Probably just need to wait until tutorial video is out. I just trialed and errored it until I figured out what it was doing. Same functionality used in building funnels, but with more flexibility in the row controls.

@Cameo Moy

I understand that part  as i use other drag and drop editors 

I  cannot add elements to a pre done  template  under and existing element . 

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Thank you for trying to help, there is actually a tutorial up now. 

When  cannot drop elements into the the drop content here area there is probably

a issue. 

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You're welcome. Sorry I couldn't help and this is a bug :)

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It is new going to be glitches. It worked the other day as we created something for a client already


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Looks great!

Thank you 

issue found . For What ever reason The builder does not like  My Chrome browser

Hmmm. Interesting. GHL integrates with a lot of Google stuff. So Chrome being an issue seems strange as you would think that Chrome shouldn't be an issue under those circumstances. C'est la vie

BTW, where's the tutorial? 

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I am unable to test send any emails in a campaign that use these templates. any ideas?

Does this work with firefox or another browser? is there one you reccommend? my chrome it not working.  

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