Text Enable a Client Number inside HL + Twilio

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 Great Post. 

I'm still new to HL, but I can see where this will be very useful. 

Question: IF the LEAD we are sending a text to through HighLevel/Twilio decides to CALL the number instead of reply with TEXT; will it ring directly to the clients Landline?  If so, is there a trigger to "warn/whisper" as this is occurring?

Will this work for missed call text back?

Can someone who receives the sms message call back the number, and where will it ring?

Will we be able to do this with GHL hosted ISV?

So what happens when people call that number? Can’t we just forward calls from the original carrier? Or we should have them 2 numbers 1 their original one and one from the our GHL?!

@Lisa @Timur this process only makes it so that Twilio (and thus highlevel) can send SMS with their existing phone number. This does not take over the voice part of the phone number; they will continue to be able to receive voice calls with their existing phone service, which means that you won't see any incoming phone calls in highlevel, only texts.

This is confusing @josephsalinas - so the answer is no? A lead can not telephone the number from which he/she receives a text message?

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