NEW FEATURE ALERT: Global Sections In Funnels & Websites!

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Does this work across client subaccounts. All my clients run the same landers and the content is pretty much the same except for their logos/images. I tried to get it to work across subaccounts but doesn't seem to work, couldn't get it to work across funnels in the same subaccount either which would also be great! Seems like a newer feature for you guys but can see it being worth a ton of value to our agency once you are able to add in some more functionality. Keep up the good work!

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Where are these stored so that we can delete older versions

Yet again.... Another AMAZING Feature that makes GHL so much better than ClickFunnels ❤️ 

Does this work across multiple funnels?

for example, I create a global section in Funnel A, can I access that global section in Funnel B?

How can I edit global settings?

Can not access any new global sections from one funnel to another within the same account. Sitting here recreating it all. Hm...

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