NEW FEATURE ALERT - Adwords Trigger Action

Currently, we are not are to fetch the list of conversions for some ad accounts. so we have provided an option where the user can directly write the name of the conversion.

Users can select the "other" option from the dropdown and paste the above name.

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Do we need to add logic to this in order for it to handle whether it comes from Google or not? Like, in workflows, do we need to say "if google is latest source, then add to google conversions" or "if facebook is the latest source/first source, then add to facebook conversions". OR does this system handle it to where if it sees a GCLID/FBCLID attached to the profile, it will relate it to the proper campaign?

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This is somehow totally not clear and it costs me already days to figure out how is it working. I posted as well in our FB Group, but not yet successfully!


Hello Shaun, I don't like to bother and tag you here, but the help does not help many of us regarding Google Ads. There should be a helpful article that covers Google Ads Topic from A-Z. I try to cover the pieces of the puzzle step by step from the logical perspective.


What is needed overall that GHL tracks Google Ads properly?


1. This Setup


2. Create the Workflow to add postback to Google and insert the exact name of the "ConversioName" we set in Google.


3. Anything else needed in order to track Google Ads? Especially the tracking snippets Google Ads generate when creating the conversion actions, are they needed?


Thank you very much in advance!

For me its not clear if we still need to add for instance the Google Tag Manager (GTM) Code so it works, or not. 

Finally, why we can't add a dynamic currency value for the conversion and pass this as well to Google if the admin likes to? We have the data from the CRM, so we could use it!?

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