LC Email is an "Email Service Provider", or the "engine" that powers email. It helps agencies avoid the hassle of signing up for Mailgun or another 3rd party email service provider external to the system. In the past, when an agency signed up, they would need to integrate with Mailgun or another email service provider to send/receive email. With LC Email, sending and receiving email works on every sub-account with very little setup required.

If you are looking to migrate over to LC Email please see the setup guide: how to Migrate over to LC Email

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What is LC Email?

Why was this feature built?

LC Email Pricing

LC Email Verification Pricing (Upcoming feature)

Ramp-Up Model

Extend sending limit 

How Does This Impact Affiliates?


How do I migrate my agency over to LC Email?

What About Agencies Who Want To Integrate Their SMTP?

Where can I see my client's email usage?

How can I send more than 15,000 Emails per day?

What About Existing Accounts?

How can I bill my clients for usage?

Will Email rebilling work with ISV?

What is LC Email?

LC Email acts as an email service provider hosted by the CRM, which has industry-leading Deliverability, Error Monitoring, and Compliance so your emails are much more likely to be delivered. It's also considerably less expensive when compared to other email service providers in the market.

Why was this feature built?

LC Email is designed to help agencies avoid the hassle of setting up and managing 3rd party email service providers like Mailgun or Sendgrid. 

As such, we built LC Email to work out-of-the-box with minimal setup and configuration required by an agency or a sub-account. In short, we wanted to provide an email service that "just works."

LC Email Pricing

Pricing is $0.675 for 1,000 emails for all the plans and the transactions will be detailed at the Agency Level:

To view them, go to "Agency View" > "Billing" > "Credits"

Note: All incoming and outgoing emails (To, CC, and BCC) will incur charges

LC Email Verification Pricing

You can turn on email verification, which will help to ensure you are sending emails to valid addresses. This service is charged at $2.50 per 1,000 email verifications.

Ramp-Up Model:

  • Every new sub-account on the LC Email System will follow the "Ramp Up Model."
  • The reason for utilizing this approach is to build the reputation of a sending domain gradually so your emails will be much more likely to avoid spam filters.
  • The email limits are multiplied each day by the number of days (until the 8th day) the sub-account has been active. 
  • Starting the 8th day:
    • Sub-accounts with a Shared Domain will have a limit set to 15,000 emails per day
    • Sub-accounts with a Dedicated Domain will have a limit set to 450,000 emails per day


Email Limit















8th Day & Ongoing

Shared domain: 150,00

Dedicated domain: 450,000

Please Note:

The daily counter resets every day at midnight 00:00:01 AM UTC. If the limit is reached before the rest time, the account is locked for the rest of the period.

Extend Sending Limit:

Please note: It's important to validate the sub-account activity and make sure it is not a spam account.

1. The limit for Shared Domain email sending is 250 to 15,000 (To increase you must set up a Dedicated Sending Domain for the sub-account)

2. The limit for Dedicated Domain email sending is 250 to 450,000 (To increase this limit, please contact our support team)

Go to the sub-account detail page by navigating to "Agency View" > "Sub-Accounts" > Search and click on the Sub-Account Name and scroll down to the "Additional Settings" section to increase the limit. 

Shared domain:

Dedicated domain:

How Does This Impact Affiliates?

LC Email eliminates one of the two major hurdles to getting up and running with the CRM, which means your new affiliates will likely find success and stick.


How do I migrate my agency over to LC Email?

Check out the help guide: Migrating My Agency Over to LC Email

What About Agencies Who Want To Integrate Their SMTP?

No problem! All new accounts will, by default, use LC Email, but a third-party SMTP provider can be integrated anytime.

Where can I see my client's email usage?

You can see the client's email usage by navigating to

- Agency Settings -> Billing -> See Details (under Credits)

What About Existing Accounts?

Agencies will have the ability to seamlessly migrate to LC Email for existing HighLevel accounts!

How can I bill my clients for usage?

If you are on the Pro-plan, you can rebill your clients and save the time & effort needed to bill them manually.

Will Email rebilling work with ISV?

Absolutely! All agencies on the Pro Plan will continue to have the ability to re-bill email usage while using LC Email or a connected third-party SMTP. With the lower cost, there's even more margin for your agency!

Does cold inbound email work with LC email?


Is LC email HIPAA compliant?

Yes We have a signed BAA with Twilio for HIPAA compliance. As long as you have our HIPAA compliance package you should be good to go!

Why does my sub-account only have a 15,000 email limit?

A sub-account without a Dedicated Domain will be considered a shared domain even if the agency has a Dedicated Domain.

To resolve this, add a Dedicated Domain to the sub-account.