Why is there different page versions?

In October of 2021, we introduced an upgrade to page builders (Websites & Funnels) that affected the way they interact with products. 

Pages built before this date will not be labeled but are considered Version 1. Pages built after October, 2021 are labeled "Version 2" (see image above). 

For those who recently joined us, you will only see version 2. Rest assured you're on the fastest and newest version (V2). For more information, click here. 

Why should I upgrade my funnels to Version 2?

Version 2 funnels come with the following advantages:

  • Uses Global products created in the Payments section, which can be used in funnels, websites, calendars, invoices, etc.

  • Support for PayPal

  • One Step order form

  • One-click web chat widget installation

How to upgrade to Version 2 funnel:

1. Stripe Connect should be integrated.

If you're still using the old Stripe integration available in Settings > Integrations > Stripe, you need to switch to Stripe Connect by going to the Payments tab > Click Integrations > Add Stripe Connect.

2. Go to Sites > Funnels and open the funnel which you want to upgrade

3. Click on the Migrate button and confirm to upgrade the funnel

What to expect after the upgrade:

  • All the pages should remain the same, there will be no visual changes made by the system after the upgrade

  • The products will be moved to the Payments tab. Funnel payment settings will remain the same and the product will not need to be added again

  • The sales tab in Version 2 funnels will be linked to the Order/Sales tab in the Payments section. All the previous sales data will be shown in the Payments > Order/Sales tab now

  • Test / Live mode settings of the funnel will remain the same

  • The products in the funnel will be available in Stripe test and live modes, as well as PayPal sandbox and live environments (if PayPal is integrated in Payments tab)


Q: Can I migrate all funnels for my account to version 2 funnels in one click?

A: Currently, you need to migrate the funnels to version 2 individually by going into each funnel and choosing the migration option.

Q: Can I switch back to version 1 later?

A: We recommend using version 2 funnels because it also helps us manage your products and transactions better. So it is not possible to switch your version 2 funnels back to the older version 1 funnels.

Q: How long does it take to migrate the funnel to the newer version?

A: The migration process should be completed in just a few seconds.

Q: Can I use PayPal with version 1 (old) funnels?

A: No, PayPal is only supported in version 2 (new) funnels.