What are the Main Differences between Agency Starter and Agency Freelance Plans?

Regarding the software's capabilities, there is no difference between the two plan subscription types. The main differences are from a support option standpoint and the amount of sub-account/client accounts allotted.

$97/month Agency Starter plan:

  • Two(3) locations/client accounts maximum.
  • 24-hour technical support via chat.
  • Access to Marketplace Services and consulting tab within the portal.
  • Access to HighLevel Facebook community group.
  • Access to the help videos section. (blue question mark in-app)\
  • HighLevel mobile app on the Apple store or Google Play store.

$297/month Agency Freelance plan:

  • Unlimited locations/client accounts.
  • 24-hour live chat support.
  • Access to Marketplace Services and consulting tab within the portal.
  • Access to Facebook community group.
  • Access to the help videos section. (blue question mark in-app)
  • HighLevel mobile app on the Apple store or Google Play store.

$497/month Agency PRO plan:

  • Everything in Freelancer+
  • SaaS Mode
  • Email / Phone / Text Rebilling
  • Split Testing
  • Advanced API Access
  • Agent Reporting
  • AI Conversational Bot

What happens if I downgrade my current subscription plan ($297/ $497) to the Freelancer Plan ($97)?

The Freelance Plan is priced at $97 and allows you to create up to 3 locations. If you require additional locations, you must upgrade your agency account. The 3-location limit is in place because one sub-account is reserved for your agency, the second for testing and learning purposes, and the third is for your client's account. If you decide to downgrade, you will be able to keep only one sub-account.

How can I Reactivate my Account?

We understand that you may have been locked out of your HighLevel account for various reasons. (you may see the image below after entering your login credentials)

Please ensure you select the "To modify your current subscription "click here" option to redirect you to our billing funnel for any subscription-related requests. (screenshot below) You can also select the "Reactivate Account" button to reactivate instantly. (Note: we may need a new payment method to be added)

I see a Please update the billing address on the agency billing page Error. What Can I Do?

  • If you see the error banner in the image below, this means that, as per our stripe log, the billing address added is not the same as mentioned on the payment method. Three checks are performed by stripe; postal code/zip code, address line, and CVC check.

    If you enter the billing address per the card being used, you will avoid this message!

How do I Modify The Information On My Online Listing?

 Please note that your direct point of contact for our Online Listing Marketplace Service can be reached via email at accountmanagers@agencyonfile.com

To Cancel your Online Listing, please reach out through your online portal via chat. Online Listings currently require a 3-month service commitment, indicated upon signup for the service. Please include the following to cancel your online listing. We will require the following information: 

  • Location Name
  • Location ID
  • Cancellation Reason:

How do I Request Financial Assistance?

We assist clients experiencing financial difficulty or seeking a break from using the software for various reasons. If your agency would be interested in financial assistance, you can follow these steps, as demonstrated in the images below;

1) Agency Settings 2) Agency Billing 3) Select the "click here" button next to modify or cancel the Please section located in the middle of your screen. 

Note: If You do not see the "click here" option on your billing page, kindly open a chat with support, who can escalate your request instead. 

Your HighLevel account will be fully accessible for one month at a drastically reduced rate of only 10% of your current plan's cost.

Alternatively, we can cancel your subscription if you disagree with these terms. This way, you can reinstate it whenever you're ready to return without losing your data!

Why was I Charged Immediately after Upgrading? (Proration Explained)

We understand that different monetary amounts appearing on your statement can cause concern to our clients. These changes are often attributed to proration for a modified subscription mid-cycle. Since HighLevel is a prepaid service, paying your monthly invoice is for the following/upcoming month.

If you upgrade to a higher-tiered plan mid-cycleyou gain access to the new features of that plan type right away! Since this is being applied before the next billing date, HighLevel has to adjust pro-rata for the period you were still using the lower-tiered plan. To do so, we calculate the per-day amount owed for the lower-tiered plan. This amount is multiplied by the number of days under that plan, then deducted from the total amount to be paid for the higher-tiered plan.

Here is an example:
Cost of Lower tiered plan: $297
Cost of Higher tiered plan: $497
Last Billing Date: March 5th
Current Billing Date: March 15th
Number of Days lower-tiered plan was used: 10 days
Credits: $297 - [($297/30) X 10] = $198
No. of Day Remaining: 20
Amount to be Billed: [($497/30) X 20] - $198 = $133.33
Next Billing Date: May 5th

How Do I Modify My HighLevel Subscription?

We require you to fill out our billing funnel to finalize your subscription-related request.

You can do this by accessing the following;

1) Agency Settings 2) Agency Billing 3) Select the "click here" button next to modify or cancel Please section located in the middle of your screen (as shown in the screenshot). If you do not see the "click here" option on your billing page, kindly open a chat explaining your request instead.


Remember, if you have any additional feedback, requests, or notes, please list them in the "Feedback" field of the funnel.

How Do I Upgrade my HighLevel Account?

There are a few easy steps to upgrade your HighLevel Subscription type within the platform!

Step 1) Access the Agency "Settings" and "Billing" Tab.
Step 2) Select the "Upgrade" button as shown in Green.


Step 3) Make sure to toggle between Account Types, as there is both Monthly Upgrade and Yearly options! (You save two months' payments by paying the yearly subscription upfront!)



Please Note:

Upgrading mid-cycle will create a pro-rated charge immediately applied to your account. This happens because anytime you upgrade a HighLevel subscription, you receive the benefits of that new plan you are upgrading to instantly. Therefore, your billing cycle must reset from the day you upgraded.

I Want to Pay my Invoice, but HighLevel is not accepting my Card.

Right now, HighLevel accepts the following forms of payment;

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express (AMEX)
  • Discover
  • Visa-Debit

Note: Please ensure that the exact information on the card is entered correctly, including the CVV code and Expiry date.

Where Can I See My Past Invoices?

 To locate where as well as how much you are being billed;

  •  log in to your HighLevel account (make sure you are in agency view)
  • click on settings;

  • Select Billing


  • At the bottom right of your page, you will notice an area displaying your invoice history with HighLevel.

I signed up to use the Platform Under ANOTHER AGENCY, not directly through HighLevel. How do I cancel my services?

This applies if your account/subaccount was purchased and subscribed through another agency and not directly through HighLevel. 
You may have signed up directly with that agency and not through HighLevel's company website. This is quite common, as many small, medium, and larger-sized agencies will offer subaccounts to their clients under their agency umbrella of accounts. HighLevel is the base platform type being used by these larger agencies.

Please contact your Agency Admin to cancel your services, as HighLevel cannot do this.

*** Note: If you did signup directly through HighLevel, please log in to your original HighLevel account, and follow the steps in Q7. ***