To Enable Email Re-Billing:

1. If the sub-account isn't in SaaS Mode already, switch account into SaaS Mode by going into your Agency account > Accounts tab > Scroll to the sub-account > Click the three dots icon and select "Switch to SaaS"

2. In Agency account > Accounts tab > Scroll to the sub-account > Click the View Details link > Scroll to the Email Re-Sell Settings section and toggle it on

3. Input your original email cost (If you're on the $35/month Mailgun plan, your cost should be approximately $0.007 per email)

Scroll down to find the Email Resell Settings section

4. Use the slider to set the amount of markup you like to make and hit save!


Why the Add Service button is missing? / I can't integrate anything!

I can't switch default email provider!

Disabling the feature will allow us to make edits to the SMTP settings. Please disable email rebilling:

1. Go to the agency view account list


2. once you look up the location
click on Manage Client
scroll down to find the Email Resell Settings section
Toggle the Enable button to disable rebilling at the bottom left. 

Because clients should not be using their own SMTP when email rebilling is enabled as that should work with Mailgun only. Switching it on and off won't automatically delete what is set up there. But the idea is that we don't allow edits to update the SMTP integration easily here.

How do I figure out my email cost to enter into the "Your email cost" field?

Log into your SMTP provider, navigate to the Plan or Billing section and look for a description of how many emails are included in your plan. Once know the amount of emails in your plan, divide that by the cost of your plan and the result will be your email cost. For example, the $35/month Mailgun plan includes 50,000 emails so 35/50000= email cost of $0.0007

How do I change the default Mailgun domain that is used for my SaaS Mode clients? 

By default, the email from your SaaS Mode sub-accounts will be sent from the default sending sub-domain as configured in your Agency account settings > Mailgun tab. You can override the default on a per-subaccount basis by going into the sub-account settings > SMTP tab and adding a different SMTP provider there.  

Can a SaaS client who spams from their sub-account burn my domain? Should I get a generic domain instead?

Using generic domain is recommended so you don't risk your clients damaging the reputation of your agency's main domain.

What if I wish to use my client's brand domain at a later stage? 

You can configure a sub-account to send email from any SMTP provider by visiting the sub-account's settings > SMTP tab.  

Does email rebilling pull from a different wallet than Twilio rebilling? 

No, both email & Twilio rebilling work from the same wallet.

Will there be two different invoices now - one for email and one for Twilio? 

No, invoices combine both email and Twilio usage.