Number validation refers to the process of verifying the authenticity and correctness of a phone number, specifically in the context of SMS. It ensures that the phone number you are trying to reach is valid and capable of receiving SMS messages. The validation process involves checking the format of the phone number and verifying its existence with the telecommunication provider

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If SMS Validation has been activated, we will check Twilio Lookup (charges per lookup) to see if the number is a landline and won't send any messages to it.

Twilio Lookup also invalidates numbers that are badly formatted or don't exist.

Validation is only performed when an SMS is queued before sending, not during Contact Import/Creation. If the number is identified as a landline number, we will not send even the first message to the carriers.

Validation only needs to be activated in HighLevel to function (it is on by default in Twilio).

How to enable SMS / Phone number Validation?

Switch to the location account level -> Go to Settings -> Business Info -> General

Go to Agency Settings -> Twilio -> A new column called SMS Validation

*PLEASE NOTE that phone number validation is a paid service from Twilio. You can view pricing for "Carrier Lookup" here.

You can set up a workflow trigger for Twilio validation error to set up trigger action accordingly:

We can filter based on the error when the phone number is

- Not valid

- SMS incapable