Using our new feature, users can check if a particular contact is on WhatsApp or not. This field can be used to create smart list of contacts which have valid WhatsApp number to increase overall deliverability


New Field: Valid WhatsApp

A new field named "Valid WhatsApp" has been introduced at the contact level. This field provides crucial insights into the WhatsApp status of each contact.

Filter Options:

Three filter options are available under the "Valid WhatsApp" column:

  1. Is Valid: Indicates that the contact's number is active on WhatsApp.
  2. Is InValid: Indicates that the contact's number is not available on WhatsApp.
  3. Is Not Validated: Signifies uncertainty about whether the contact's number is on WhatsApp or not.

How is the Valid WhatsApp field updated

1. When a Message is Successfully Delivered on WhatsApp

When a message is successfully delivered, the system automatically marks the contact as "Is Valid"

2. If a Message Fails to Deliver or Encounters Meta Issues:

In cases where a message fails to deliver or encounters issues with Meta, the contact is marked as "Is InValid"

3. When a Contact Initiates a WhatsApp Message:

When a contact initiates a WhatsApp message, the status is updated to "Is Valid," ensuring real-time validation. This reflects that the contact has actively engaged via WhatsApp, confirming the validity of their number.

4. If There is No Conversation Over WhatsApp:

If there is no conversation over WhatsApp with a particular contact, the status remains in the "Not Validated" state until further interaction.

How to Utilize the Valid WhatsApp Field:

Filter Contacts Efficiently:

Leverage the filter options to segment contacts based on their WhatsApp status. For targeted outreach, filter contacts based on "Is Valid" to reach active WhatsApp users.

Smartlist Optimization:

Optimize your Smartlists by incorporating the "Valid WhatsApp" field for tailored communication strategies.

Enhanced Insights:

Gain valuable insights into the responsiveness and engagement levels of your WhatsApp contacts.

How to add Valid WhatsApp column in the contacts page

Step 1: Go to Contacts tab

Step 2: Click on Columns and select Valid Whatsapp

How to create a smart-list excluding InValid WhatsApp contacts

Step 1: Go to Contacts page and click on More Filters

Step 2: Search for Valid Whatsapp

Step 3: Select is Valid and select Apply

Step 4: Select OR condition and select Is not validated

Step 5: Click on Save as smart list and add a name to your smartlist

This smartlist will get dyanamically updated as soon as a contact becomes active or inactive on WhatsApp. You can use the smart listed created above to send WhatsApp campaigns

The reason behind adding Is not Validated contacts is to ensure that WhatsApp messages are sent to contacts where the system has not yet determined whether the contact is on WhatsApp or not because of no WhatsApp conversation history

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often are these fields updated?

The fields are updated in real-time based on the specified scenarios.

Q: Can I manually update the WhatsApp status of a contact?

No, the system automatically updates the status based on user interactions and message delivery outcomes.

Q: What is the "Valid_WhatsApp" field?

The "Valid_WhatsApp" field is a new feature that tells you directly whether a contact's phone number is registered and active on WhatsApp.

Q: What do the different "Valid_WhatsApp" values mean? 

  • Valid: The contact has an active WhatsApp account.
  • Invalid: The contact's number is not currently on WhatsApp.
  • Not Validated: The system hasn't yet confirmed if the number is on WhatsApp.

Q: How does the "Valid_WhatsApp" status get updated? 

It's automatic! Here's how it works: 

  • You send a message successfully:  The status changes to "Valid" 
  • Message delivery fails: The status changes to "Invalid" 
  • Contact messages you on WhatsApp: Their status instantly changes to "Valid."

Q: Can I filter my contacts based on their WhatsApp status?

Yes! There's a new filter specifically for "Valid WhatsApp". Use it to see only contacts you can reach on WhatsApp.