WhatsApp's latest update introduces support for Media templates, enabling users to send various types of media content, including Images, Videos, Documents, and Location. This support article provides a comprehensive guide on how to leverage this feature to enhance communication with customers and improve marketing efforts.


What are WhatsApp Media Templates?

WhatsApp Media templates allow users to send rich media content, such as Images, Videos, Documents, and Location data, to their contacts or customers. This feature expands the possibilities of communication on WhatsApp, enabling businesses to create more engaging and visually appealing messages.

WhatsApp Media Template Use cases

Elevate your WhatsApp marketing campaigns to the next level with Media Templates:

  • Product Launches: Showcase new products with images and attention-grabbing videos.
  • Promotions and Offers:  Share discount codes or special offers accompanied by eye-catching visuals.
  • Event Announcements:  Promote events with location sharing and engaging imagery
  • Customer Service: Provide helpful tutorials or guides in document format.

How to create a WhatsApp media template

Step 1: Go Settings > WhatsApp > Templates > Create Template

Step 2: Add template name, category and language > Show header and click on the Media  > Upload Media

Step 3: Press Create > Template will be sent for approval to Meta

Check out guide on WhatsApp templates statues and best practice

How to create Sub-Account WhatsApp Template

Step 1: Go Settings > WhatsApp > Templates > Create Template

Step 2: Select Location > Add the Location Latitude and Longitude > Add Location Name and Address

Get the latitude and longitude from Google Maps by right- clicking on the place or area on the map. Refer to the detailed article here

Send WhatsApp media templates from Bulk Action

Step 1: Go to Contacts > Select the smart list for which you want to send bulk Whatsapp message

Step 2: Select all Contacts > Click on WhatsApp icon > Select template > Add action name

Step 3: Select Show Stats > Click on Processed > View Bulk Action Statistics

Send WhatsApp media templates from Workflows

Step 1: Go to Automations > Create Workflow > Start from Scratch > Select Trigger


Step 2: Select WhatsApp action 

Step 3: Select WhatsApp Template > Save Action > Save workflow

The media url will be shown in the preview under workflow, when the WhatsApp message is sent the actual media will be rendered

Send WhatsApp media templates from the conversation page

Step 1: Go to Conversations > Select the contact you wish to send WhatsApp media template

Step 2: Click on Please use a template to initiate a chat > Select Media template you wish to send > Click Send

You can change the media by changing the media URL. The url should be a public link and should contain the same type of media, for example if it is an Image template, then it will only accept PNG and JPEG files

Users will get the below error when using a media which is not approved, for example if a user tries to add a video file in an Image template, the below error will be shown

Media limits

MediaSupported TypesSize Limit





image/jpeg, image/png

Images must be 8-bit, RGB or RGBA





If user tries to upload a media file which exceeds the Size limit, then the below error will be shown


Q: What are the media limits for WhatsApp Media Templates?

Supported Types and Size Limits:

  • Document: application/pdf, 100MB
  • Image: image/jpeg, image/png (Images must be 8-bit, RGB, or RGBA), 5MB
  • Video: video/mp4, 16MB

Users will receive an error if they try to upload a media file exceeding the size limit. For example, if a user attempts to add a video file in an Image template, they will receive an error message.

Q: What are WhatsApp Media Templates?

They are pre-approved message formats that allow you to include images, videos, documents, or location information within WhatsApp messages. They help streamline communication with customers, especially for marketing, support, or authentication purposes.

Q: What happens if I try to use media that doesn't fit the guidelines?

You'll likely encounter an error message, and your template may not be sent. Ensure your media adheres to WhatsApps Template Guidelines

Q: Do I need approval before using WhatsApp message templates?

Yes, all templates must go through an approval process with WhatsApp (Meta) to ensure they meet specific guidelines.

Q: What factors can lead to a template being rejected?

Common reasons for rejection include:

  • Missing or incorrect variable formatting
  • Content violating WhatsApp's Business or Commerce policies
  • Sensitive information requests (e.g., full payment card numbers)
  • Abusive or threatening language
  • Duplicating an existing template

Q: What does it mean if my template is 'Paused'?

A paused template means it received negative customer feedback or low engagement. You cannot send a paused template until its status changes back to 'Active'.