For inbound calling to work, you must purchase a number within the sub-account and assign it to a user.

How to set up Inbound Call

1. Login into Sub-account 

2. Head into 'settings' > 'My Staff' > Click the 'Edit' button 

2. Scroll down to 'Call and Voicemail Settings' > Assign a Twilio number to the user

3. Select forward calls to the mobile App


How does it work?

When the check box is selected, all the calls to the Twilio number will be routed to the mobile app. The mobile app will receive a notification and pick up a call.


Why am I getting two calls?

When an Inbound call is made, the call will be forwarded to the mobile APP. Inbound calls will only work if one of these three numbers is valid; (Inbound Call Routing - Explained)
1. Call forwarding number
2. User Phone Number
3. Company phone numbers are valid.

If I log in to multiple devices, will I get called on all the devices?

You will get calls simultaneously for up to 10 devices that are logged in. When any of the calls are received, the remaining will disconnect automatically. This will not work for multiple users

What if I am part of multiple subaccounts and have inbound calling enabled?

You will only receive calls on the sub-account you switched to last. If the app is killed, the app will remember the last sub-account details, and calls will continue to come in for the last sub-account.

If you switch to a subaccount where inbound calling is not available, you won't be getting calls from any other sub-account

What happens when I get two calls and pick up one?

Calls will be automatically disconnected if one of the simultaneous calls is picked either from the device or natively.

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