Login to https://www.twilio.com/login

Go to the top right -> Click Account -> Click Subaccounts

If there are too many subaccounts inside Twilio, you can go back to HL and copy the Account SIN for that location to search in Twilio:


Go to the Agency view > Settings > Twilio

Now go back to Twilio with the copied Account SID

Search based on the Twilio Subaccount SID in HighLevel agency settings -> Twilio

Paste the Account SID here and click on it:

Go to Explore Products > Scroll down to find Phone numbers

Click Phone numbers:

Click on Buy a number

Type the country name on the top left dropdown

Click on Australia (e.g.)

Type "aus"

Right now it's showing results of all the Local numbers with Voice only capability

Click on +61 2 5837 5008…

Click on Advanced Search

Click on Advanced Search

Uncheck Local and search again

Uncheck Local

Now it is showing all the mobile Twilio numbers for you to buy

Once you buy the Twilio number, go back to the HighLevel location page

Switch back to the location Settings > Phone numbers > You should be able to see the number you got and click the yellow ADD button here