Custom values are exceptionally powerful and versatile. In this guide, we will cover how you can use custom values to send MMS messages within workflows. 

Custom values are great for leveraging snapshots and your favorite workflow(s). Its a quick and simple setup making your automation more scalable and exciting. 

Covered in this article

How to attach Custom Values URLs to SMS messages


How to attach Custom Values URLs to SMS messages

Step 1:  Setup your custom value URL 

Head into the location settings > Custom Values > + Add Custom Value > Enter MMS URL

Step 2: Head into your workflow where you would like to send the MMS

Now that you are in your workflow make sure to attach the custom value as an attachment. You will need to copy and paste the value

Please note:

There are strict requirements to MMS sizes when it comes to different carriers. These limitations are set by the carriers.

For more info on the correct size requirements by carrier, please check out What is the maximum MMS size when sending SMS?


What is the maximum MMS size when sending SMS?

Long code MMS attachment size
Toll-Free MMS attachment size
Shortcode MMS attachment size
0.6 MB
0.6 MB
0.6 MB
1.4 MB
0.6 MB
1.4 MB
1.5 MB
0.6 MB
1.0 MB
0.675 MB
0.6 MB
1.2 MB

What are the support file types for MMS when sending via SMS?

  • jpeg
  • png
  • gif

My custom value does not work when the message is sent?

Please double-check to make sure:

  1. There are no spaces in your custom value URL, you can test this by adding it to a dummy funnel and previewing the page. If the MMS appears the custom value works, please proceed to the next step below
  2. The MMS URL meets the size requirement for the provided carrier (see question above)