Complete guide for all cancellation processes for SaaS enabled sub-accounts.

Instructions to cancel SaaS enabled sub-account

Steps for disabling SaaS for a sub-account

Additional Steps for Clients who're leaving your Agency

Step 1: Reconcile SaaS Wallet Balance

If the client has any non-complimentary credits in their wallet, you need to refund those in Stripe.

You can check if the wallet credits are complimentary or non-complimentary by going to sub-account settings > Company Billing > See Details (Transaction History)

For more details, please check the article: SaaS Wallet Credit Management

Step 2: Disable SaaS on the Sub-Account from Agency View

Disable SaaS for this sub-account by going to Agency view > Accounts tab > View Details:

Cancel the Stripe subscription if you no longer want to charge the client for the SaaS plan:

Note: We recommend exporting all transaction details before disabling SaaS, because once SaaS mode is disabled, all transaction / wallet history will be removed.

Step 3: Close Twilio / Mailgun Sub-Accounts - For Clients who're leaving your Agency

If the sub-account has Twilio or Email (Mailgun) Rebilling turned on, after disabling SaaS, their Twilio / Mailgun sub-account will still be connected in Agency Settings > Twilio / Mailgun. Make sure you've deleted those connections and closed these sub-accounts.

Step 4: Remove User from Team Management / Delete the Sub-Account - For Clients who're leaving your Agency

This step depends on your choice.

  1. If you want to keep the client's data even after removing them, then just go to Agency Settings > Team and remove the client's user
  2. If you don't want to keep their data, go to Accounts > View Details, and delete the sub-account