In November of 2020, SendGrid made an update requiring 2FA. If you integrated SendGrid before mid-November, 2020, you will need to delete the integration and follow the steps in the video below. If you are setting up SendGrid after November 2020, simply follow the steps in the video below.

Limitation if you are using an SMTP provider like Outlook, Gsuite, Sendgrid, etc:

If you want to forward email replies from the lead to your email address, it might not work because

When a lead replies to the emails sent from HighLevel, it comes back to the conversation tab, the system then attempts to forward the response email from the lead’s email address (masking)

We are essentially using your SMTP using the lead’s email as the sender email. So it gets flagged because the from email is the lead’s email and not yours during the forwarding process. Learn more here.

If you are getting an error 550 The from address does not match a verified Sender Identity. Mail cannot 

We will need to add the Integration's email (highlighted email in the screenshot below) in Sendgrid's verified sender list: