Update (July 29, 2020)

For US Number (10 digit local numbers), you can now put the number in any one of these three formats 111-222-3333, 111.222.3333, or (111) 222-3333 and the swap script will recognize and swap the number.

How To Test Number Swapping

Once you've added the tracking script to the Body of your webpage, you can test that the number swap is working by opening an incognito browser and adding the following to the end of your url before you hit enter: ?gclid

So if your landing page url is yourwebsite.com/landing-page, you would enter the following into your incognito browser yourwebsite.com/landing-page?gclid then hit enter.

How To Set Up Keyword Tracking

In order for HighLevel to display the keyword that was searched before the call was initiated, you'll need to add the following parameter to the ad url in Google Ads: ?keyword={keyword}

So if you have a Google Ad with a url like yourwebsite.com/landingpage you would update that url to be: yourwebsite.com/landingpage/?keyword={keyword} 

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