You will now have the ability to protect your business from being targeted by scammers.
Typically how scammers operate is that they will sign-up for a SaaS account using a stolen credit card, add money to the account's wallet and start sending phishing and spam emails in bulk. Before you even know about it, they would've done the harm. 
The best way to prevent this is to verify each new SaaS subscriber before allowing them to access their account. That is what this feature allows you to do.


Step 1: Enable the setting in SaaS Configurator > Security

  • Toggle the button for "Put new sub-accounts on hold until reviewed and approved by an agency admin."As soon as this setting is enabled, all new SaaS sub-accounts will be created under the 'Restricted' state, and the sub-account admins and users will be locked out of their accounts.

Step 2: Review the account activation request

  • All the pending account activation requests will be visible in the 'Requests' section in SaaS Configurator > Security page.

Step 3: Talk to the client

  • The best way to verify someone's identity is to talk to them. All the client's contact details will be available in the requests list itself.

Step 4: Approve or Decline the sub-account

  • Based on your evaluation of whether the prospect is genuine or not, you can either activate their account or keep it in 'Restricted' state.

As soon as you approve a sub-account, the corresponding admins and users of that sub-account will no longer be locked out and will be able to access it.

In case the request is declined by you, the sub-account admins and users will remain locked out. You will still have the option to activate the account from the Manage Client page.