Monetizing your app on the Highlevel developer app marketplace presents various avenues. This guide walks you through the options and tells you how to set them up.


How to add pricing for your app?

Follow these steps to define your app's pricing:

  • Click on your app and select the 'Pricing' option from the left menu.

  • Choose a business model for your app. If offering your app for free, select 'Free' and save. For a paid model, select 'Paid'.

Select payment collection preference

Within the Highlevel platform:

This method permits customers (both agencies and sub-accounts) to pay for the app within the Highlevel system. We handle the payment processing and ensure timely payouts to developers.

Here are the advantages of this method:

  • Enable agencies to re-sell these apps to their end sub-accounts, enhancing wider adoption and engagement for your app.

  • Streamlined collection and reconciliation of payments.

External payment page: 

If you'd rather manage your app's pricing on your platform, choose this option and provide the redirect URL for your external payment page. Customers will get redirected to your payment page during the installation process and upon successful payment the app will be installed in their account.

  • Add the redirect URL for the payment page.


  • Initially selecting an external payment page allows for later changes to the Highlevel platform. But, once live with internal payment collection, you cannot switch to an external page. Such a change necessitates deleting and recreating the app.
  • Agencies cannot resell apps with external payment preference.

Add Pricing Plans

When opting for a paid model and internal payment collection:

  • Navigate to 'Pricing Plans' and select '+ Add Plan'.

  • Complete the subsequent sections:

    • Plan name: Add a name for each plan. Try to structure the names so they have some sort of progression – e.g. 'Beginner', 'Intermediate', and 'Pro'.

    • Plan benefits: Add up to five benefits for each plan. These should show a clear distinction and progression for each plan, with stronger benefits reserved for plans with a higher price.

    • Pricing: Add the price you want to charge for each of your app's plans.

    • Recurring Payment (Monthly or Yearly): Set your price per month when billed monthly and yearly.

    • Click Add Plan

After submitting your pricing details, our team will integrate your plans with our billing system, readying them for publication.

Monitor Earnings

How your earnings are calculated

Your revenue stems from app installations on the Highlevel platform. We currently do not deduct any commission. You receive the entire payment from our customers. However, agencies can markup the price when reselling to sub-accounts. For instance:

App Name: Lead Gen App

Developer Pricing: $10/month

Agency Resale Price: $12/month

Subaccount Charge: $12/month

Developer Earnings: $10/month

Agency Earnings: $2/month

Earnings Dashboard

Track your revenue in the 'Earnings Dashboard'. For a live, paid app:

  • Total Earnings: Cumulative earnings till date.
  • Total Installs: Number of app installations.
  • Active Accounts: Current active/installed accounts.
  • Use the table below for detailed insights and apply filters as needed.


We've partnered with Tipalti to facilitate developer payouts, ensuring you have a smooth and efficient transaction process.

How Does the Payout Process Work?

  • Developer partners who are eligible for a payout will receive an email invitation to register with Tipalti. This 3-step registration process guides you through everything necessary to ensure compliance and to receive payouts from us.

  • After your account is set up and ready, you will begin receiving payouts from Highlevel. The billing cycle is monthly, with payments sent on the 15th of each month for all earnings accrued in the previous month.

If you've already set up Tipalti and your payment status is marked as "submitted," then your payout is in process. Depending on your chosen payout method, you should expect to see the payment within 1-3 days.

To know more about how this works, click here - Tipalti Payout Process