Haven’t received your payment yet? There are a few reasons why this may be happening.

(1) Your Payout Method isn’t Up To Date
(2) It’s not one of our payout dates
(3) We made a mistake!

Check out this FAQ for a few things you can check to make sure your affiliate account is fully set up and ready to receive payment.


Tipalti Set-up

Starting in January 2022 we introduced our partnership with Tipalti! Tipalti is the third-party payment software that the HighLevel Affiliate Program uses to pay affiliate commissions. The HighLevel team will not be able to send your affiliate commissions until you have Tipalti set up.

How do I set up Tipalti?

There are a few ways you can set up Tipalti.

All Affiliates have already received an email invitation to register for an account with Tipalti! The 3-step registration process will walk you through everything necessary to be compliant with being paid as an affiliate!

  • If you have any questions, ask affiliatepayments@gohighlevel.com

If you have an Active HL subscription you can also set up Tipalti within the Affiliate Portal!

1. Click on Affiliate Portal

2. Click on Payment Details

3. Fill out your Tipalti setup Information!
Note: These details are viewable with anyone with agency admin permissions. If you do not want other agency users to see this information swap them to an agency user role.

Agency Settings > Agency Team management(Team)> Edit user > User roles

Common Questions on Tipalti

Q: Can I use a different payment processor/method other than Tipalti?

A: As of now all Payouts are through Tipalti. You must set up Tipalti in order to choose your payment method and start receiving Affiliate payouts.

Q: Where can I learn more about Tipalti?

A: You can check out their website here tipalti.com or checkout our short Tipalti introduction FAQ

Q: Is there a login portal for Tipalti?

A: Yes, https://suppliers.tipalti.com/highlevel/Account/Login

What are the payout dates?

We approve and send all payments on the 15th of each month for all commissions earned the previous month

If you already have Tipalti set up and your payment status is "submitted" then it's on the way. Depending on your payout method, you should see the payment in 1-3 days.

Q: I got an email from Tipalti saying my setup was complete. Can you confirm?

A: We can! Send an email to our team at affiliatepayments@gohighlevel.com or open a support ticket and we can check this out for you.

Q: I got a commission of $30 but I don't see that as a payout I am getting?

A: There is a $50 minimum for a payout to be sent out. As soon as your total commissions accrued is higher than $50 you will receive a payout! 

Errors you may encounter when setting up Tipalti/Tax Forms/Affiliate Portal

1. EIN error/ Invalid EIN.

If you get an email or an error in your affiliate portal that your EIN is invalid.

  • 1.) Try to login to the Tipalti https://suppliers.tipalti.com/highlevel/Account/Login and see if you can update your EIN/tax forms, and revalidate the information you have on file.
  • 2.) You can also login into your affiliate portal in your HL account and re-enter your EIN under Payment Details > Tax Forms.
  • 3.) If your EIN validation is still failing. Send an email to affiliatepayments@gohighlevel.com or make a support ticket and we will be able to look into this for you. Be sure you give us your Affiliate email/Referal link in the ticket.

2. Request Failed with Status code 400

  • Create a support ticket through our portal. Be sure to include your affiliate email and your referral link and title the ticket relating to this affiliate portal issue so we can be sure to see this and look into this asap!

I have had a pending payment that looks to be stuck on my dashboard.

If you have a payment that looks to be stuck on "pending" it could be that your pending affiliate customer payout is being flagged as a "self-referral"

to Self-referrals flags are auto-generated by FirstPromoter and are usually due signing up at the same IP address, having the same name & e-mail address, and/or having the same phone number.

We allow consultants/friends to help their clients/friends sign up (sometimes people will sign up next to each other to make sure they click the right link). We do not allow John Doe's Marketing Agency to sign up using John Doe's link (that was an example).

If you do not believe this is the case open a support ticket with us! Be sure to include your affiliate email and your referral link and title the ticket relating to this affiliate portal issue so we can be sure to see this and look into this asap!

For more questions about the affiliate payment policy, please check out our affiliate policy! gohighlevel.com/affiliate-policy