The roadmap for growing a local Legal Practice online is simple: capture new leads, conversationally convert those leads into clients, and turn those clients into positive reviews. Here’s the playbook:

Capture More Leads

  • Install the SMS Webchat Widget on the Legal Practice’s website.
  • Integrate the Legal Practice’s Google Business Profile to activate Google Chat
  • Activate The Missed-Call Text-Back so that any unanswered calls to the Legal Practice immediately receive a text message saying, “Sorry we missed your call - how can we help?”

Nurture Leads into Bookings

  • Configure helpful Text Snippets for phrases & links the Legal Practice often sends to people.
  • Activate Conversation AI so the Legal Practice has a fully trained, always-on assistant to conversationally convert leads into bookings.

Turn Leads into Clients

Turn Clients into Positive Reviews 

  • Configure Email & SMS Review Request Templates so the Legal Practice can quickly & easily request reviews with the tap of a button.

Turn Clients into Advocates

  • Configure Newsletter Email Template so the Legal Practice can easily send out news, updates, and promotions to their contacts to keep them informed and motivated to recommend the practice to friends & family.