What is Hosted SMS?

Hosted SMS allows you to send and receive messages on voice-enabled numbers you already own with another carrier. It does not affect your voice capabilities of the number. We only register the number for SMS to route in and out of the platform.

What numbers can I host on Twilio for SMS?

Hosted SMS supports US and Canada in Beta. Mobile numbers are not supported. VoIP numbers from some providers will be supported in the future. Numbers already owned by a Twilio account for voice services cannot be hosted on another Twilio account for SMS services.

How can I host my number for LC phone locations?

We will need the end-user to complete ownership verification and LoA (Letter of Authority) signature once the following information has been submitted.

Please copy and share the following information with us in via 24/7 Live Chat Support

1. Location ID:

Found in the URL (https://app.gohighlevel.com/v2/location/LOCATIONID/)

_____e.g. RNTEDRA9ap9xSh2MyTYS_________

2. Phone number(s):