Ways to Contact HighLevel 24/7

Select the blue question mark in the top right corner of the HighLevel Application and select "Chat Support." Available on Desktop only. From here- you can either connect directly through our chat widget with one of our support specialists or create a ticket to be followed up with via email.


Only Agency Admins Can Receive Support 
HighLevel Support agents are unable to make changes to an agency account without the consent of a validated Agency Admin. If you do not have access to the Agency view, you must reach out to your Agency Admin.

Raising a New Support Inquiry with Highlevel

At any time of the day or night, seven days a week, you can begin a new LIVE chat with one of our HighLevel Support Agents.

Connecting to Our In-App Widget:

In the top right section of the screen, you will see a blue question mark.

After clicking on the blue question mark, you will see a larger pop-out. You can then select "live chat" from here. Our chat widget, Highly will ask you a few questions and then get you connected to our team that can serve you best. 


Only Agency Admins Will See This View and Be Able to Chat with Us
If you cannot see or navigate to your agency view, please reach out to an Agency Admin - they can grant you Agency Admin access. Only Agency Admins will be able to see and receive support. We cannot service or make any changes to Agency Accounts unless you are an agency admin

How to Call HighLevel 24/7

At any time of the day, you can call +1 (888) 732-4197 for any sales, billing, or login related issues. To get technical assistance-please follow the steps to Raise a New Support Inquiry


We Validate All Inbound Callers - We Cannot Serve Non-Agency Admins

We validate all inbound callers, no matter the caller, to confirm they are an Agency Admin. Please have your Agency Relationship Number and your Agency HighLevel Login Email. 

We cannot service non-agency admins that call in. We will need to validate your identity as an Agency Admin - we will encourage you to reach out to another Agency Admin to grant you access or reach out on your behalf. Your security for your agency account matters to us. 

If your Agency HighLevel email is not the best one to reach you at, please mention this to Support. Lastly, if your email is associated with multiple agencies, provide the correct agency name and relationship number of the account in question.


Q1: I'm not seeing the Blue Question Mark button in my dashboard

The blue question mark button and its features are only visible to users logged in as a "Agency Admin" or "Agency User".

Please Note:

"SaaS Users" or "location User" will not see the blue question mark button, this is strictly for HighLevel customers. 

Q2: How do I create an Agency "Admin" to get HighLevel Support?

Step 1: Go to "Agency Settings" -> Click on the "Team" tab -> Click "+ Add Employee" button and complete:

> User Info: Email, phone number and password is required

> User Permissions: Select the user permission you wish your user to have


Step 2: Make sure that the User Type section is "Agency". 

Step 3: Select the User Role as "Admin" 


Step 4: Click on "Add To Accountand select the location(s) you want this user to manage


Step 5: Hit "Save"

Please Note:

- In-order to add a user to your agency or location you will need to be an "Agency Admin".
- You will need to notify the user with their login info and password.
- Once the user logged in they can change the password within their profile settings.

Additional Self-Service Resources

It is frustrating when we need help but can't get it as fast as we'd like it. That's why we've provided these hacks and tips below to help you get the fastest resolution time possible.

1. Check out our knowledge base and YouTube channel

2. Hop into one of our weekly and monthly events here:

3. Search our Facebook Community group for answers to frequently asked questions:

    *To get into our Facebook Group you need to provide your email address (the one used upon sign up), your Agency Name and agree to the community rules.