The new affiliate portal allows you to become an affiliate, look at your affiliate reports & manage your payouts. Lets get started!

New to the HighLevel Affiliate Program?

You can learn more about why the HighLevel affiliate program is the absolute best recurring revenue opportunity for Marketing Agencies all over the world by visiting the Affiliate Portal -> About page

This section explains all the benefits of being a HighLevel affiliate and gets you started on the path of making more recurring income. This page also allows you to get on a call with our affiliate manager and get your questions answered in our Q&A.

How do I know if I am already an affiliate or not?

All HighLevel agency accounts are automatically given an affiliate link (promoter ref code) when they signup for HighLevel. Most likely you'll already be an affiliate and would not need to signup for a new affiliate account. 

If you are not a HighLevel customer but would still want to become an affiliate you can register here - 

Where can I find my affiliate link?

You can find your affiliate link (promoter ref code) by going to Affiliate Portal -> Dashbaord

Can I customize my link?

Yes! Yes! You can have one Promoter ID but create multiple link variations to be able to track which links brought in clicks and referrals. All sales from all affiliate links that you create will be attributed to the same affiliate account (yours).

This allows you to create links for different channels that you are promoting your affiliate link on and allows you track conversions better. 

I am an existing affiliate. Where do I see my Reports?

To see a summary report of your pageviews, clicks, signups, customers & earnings by month please go to Affiliate Portal -> Details

How can I identify the people I have referred?

You can go to Affiliate Portal -> Referrals to see a list of the recent sign-ups that happened via your affiliate links. Further, you can see the trial, customer, paying -vs- cancelled breakdown of your leads. 

Successful affiliates use this information to create communities & groups (like slack channels, facebook groups, etc.) of all their agency referral clients to mentor them and keep the successful for a long time. Since HighLevel pays a recurring revenue it has a direct impact on your payouts. 

How do I get paid?

You can set your payout preferences by going to Affiliate Portal -> Payouts

Currently we support PayPal. 

Can I recruit more affiliates under my account?

Yes! You can add more affiliates under your affiliate account (sub-affiliates) to get a secondary commission from the sales made by your affiliates. HighLevel supports level 1 commissions (40% per month recurring) and level 2 commissions (5% per month recurring). 

NOTE: All of your active HighLevel affiliates are already added as sub-affiliates to your account. Only use this feature if you are recruiting non-HighLevel users to be HighLevel affiliates.

You can read more about this here -

Where do I see my Sub-Affiliates?

You can go to Affiliate Portal -> Sub-Affiliates to see your sub-affiliates and level 2 commissions

IMPORTANT: These features are visible only to Agency Admins.