Reselling Online Listing on the agency, and sub-account level

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Covered in this article:

Why was this feature built?

How do I set up my Default Offer for all my locations?

How do I set up a Specific Offer for a client (Markup)

In-app Reselling: 

How does my Client discover Online Listings?

How does my client purchase my Online Listing Offer?

How does the billing work?

Understanding the HighLevel invoice

Best Practices


Why was this feature built?

Yext is a great complimentary service that can be deployed alongside your services and can be resold through HighLevel with a markup price of your choosing... cha chinggg!

Currently, if you wish to purchase Yext Premium directly from Yext it will cost $999/year with an annual commitment -

The HighLevel team negotiated to get an absolute rock bottom price with minimal commitment. The cost for agencies is $30/month with a 3-month minimum commitment. 


If you're looking for a quick way to drive more organic inbound messages, combine Yext's online listings with our Google My Business chat widget. This is something that's quick to set up and all businesses can benefit from. 

Benefit Recap for Online Listings:

1. Lowest possible pricing for YextLocked in at $30/month 

2. Lowest possible commitment period - 3-month minimum commitment

3. In-app resell capabilities Markup based on location and or all locations

5. Value Added ServicesYext is a great complimentary service that can be deployed alongside your services.

How do I set up my Default Offer for all my locations?

1. Head over to Agency View -> Reselling in the left menu and you will see Yext as an option.



Make sure to connect your Agency's Stripe account. If you haven't connected it yet, the system will prompt you to do so.

Yext is only available in the USA as of now. You can change your Agency's country here. You can change your client's country here

How do I set up a Specific Offer for a client (Markup)

If you have a client that you wish to offer Online Listings to other than your default offer price, please head over to:

2. Scroll down to the Reselling Settings area 

Once you're on the client details screen configure a different price for this specific client.

In-app Reselling: 

How does my Client discover Online Listings?

Your clients can discover and enroll in Online Listings in three ways:

1. A one-time notification bar  

2. Within the "Reputation" tab

3. Within the "LaunchPad" tab

Apart from the three ways mentioned above, many successful agencies do marketing campaigns & email promotions to sell more Online Listings to their client base.

1. One-time notification bar


Once a user rejects the top banner notification we do not show it again to them. 

Your clients can still discover Online Listings via the two other methods provided below.

2. Within the Reputation tab

By going to Reputation -> Online Listings ->Clicking on the "Get Started" button

3. Within the "LaunchPad" tab

When the user clicks on the "connect" button they will be redirected to the screen above

How does my client purchase my Online Listing Offer?

1. Once your clients click on the offer they will be taken to the area shown in the image below. 

They will then need to click on the "Get Startedbutton to proceed

2. Upon clicking the "Get Started" button your client will be taken to the checkout page.

They will need to enter their card details as shown below.


If your client's location is in SaaS Mode, the card details will auto populate the card fields

3. After clicking on the "Confirm" button the payment is processed. 

Upon payment, your client will be redirected to the area below where they can fill out a short form to get their listings started.

4. Upon form completion, it will take around 15 seconds or less to create the listings

To get to the Online Listing Dashboard your client will need to click on: 

Location View -> Reputation -> Online Listings


Some listings might take up to 24 hours to sync and go live

How do I purchase Online Listing for my client?

If order to purchase online listings on behalf of your client you will need to purchase this through your agency dashboard 

How does the billing work?

The Online Listing Reselling feature created 2 subscriptions in the background

  1. A subscription for $X /mo in your Agency Stripe account so you can collect payments from your client each month [$X depends upon the price that you have set]
  2. A subscription for $30 /mo in HighLevel so you can pay HighLevel

The $[X-30] is your profit each month which means additional recurring revenue. 

Understanding the HighLevel invoice

As your agency makes sales on different days during your billing period, your charges will get pro-rated on the next billing cycle.

We do pro-rated billing to ensure you receive a single invoice in the same billing period, even though the sales are made on different days within the month. 

Each invoice adjusts for the sales made in the previous billing cycle + prepay for the next billing cycle.


An example invoice

Best Practices

There are some best practices to make sure you and your clients derive maximum value from Online Listings. 

Please login to Yext as mentioned in Q4 below. Once you are logged in, go to "Home" and check out the "Optimize Your Account" card. 

As long as you complete all relevant steps for each of your client's profiles, you will be able to utilize Online Listings to it's fullest potential. 


In some rare cases, the Online Listings might not work as expected. A few possible scenarios are covered below

My listings are not live. I see an In-review message

This happens when Yext has found a duplicate listing for the same address, phone number, or email ID. 

If you see an "in-review" message like the following then your client needs to write to to claim their listing. 

Yext just needs a confirmation from the end business that they have discontinued the service from their previous provider and wants to be serviced by you. 


If this does not go in your favor, you and your clients will be refunded. 

In the event you would still like to leverage Online Listings, it is best discuss with your client how to get the old listing removed and move to the new one (you).

My listings are not live. I see a Cancelled message on the screen

In all such cases please try reaching out to and try all possible solutions. If this doesn't go in your favor you can reach out to our support team and we will process a refund for you.

My listings look wrong / my listings are waiting on customer / my listings are waiting on partner / all my listings are still processing

In all such cases, the common reason is that you have a mistake in the form data that you or your client had submitted. 

The error could be in:

  1. Address field
    1. PIN Code is written in the address line field
    2. PO Box used instead of a real address
    3. Only Street Address used (Suite number, shop number missing)
  2. Business Name is improper
  3. The phone number is not valid
  4. email ID is not a valid email

As agency users, you can easily fix this issue by logging into the Yext account and fixing any errors.

My client submitted the wrong data in the listing form. How do I fix it now?

Agency users can log in to Yext to manage Yext listingsFor this example, the location had filled a PO Box address and used an invalid email ID in their listing form. 

That's why all listings are stuck in processing and have not become live yet.

1. Go to the location view -> Reputation -> Online Listings and click on the "Manage Listing" button on the top right.


That the button circled in red is visible only to Agency Users. Your clients can not see this button.

2. Once you click on the "Manage Listing" button you will see a pop-up with your username & password. 

Copy the password and click on the "Go To Yext Login" button

3. The Yext login page would open in a new tab. 

Please enter the username & password to log in to Yext.

4. Once you log in to Yext go to Knowledge Graph -> Entities -> Select the correct Entity.

5. Now, in this case, we will fix the wrong address & email ID by modifying those fields and by hitting save

Once the corrections are made, all listings will be resynced and you will see that in a few hours all listings will become live. 

How do I connect my Client's Social Media to their Online Listing?

Connecting Facebook, Instagram & Twitter is fairly easy. 

Login to Yext as mentioned above, and click on Social Media in the left menu. You will see fields to add the FB page URL, Instagram handle, and Twitter handle to the Online Listings.

How can my Clients connect their GMB Page and Facebook account?

To connect your client's FB & GMB page to their Online Listing, you need to be added as an admin to their GMB & FB pages. Please ask your client to add you as an admin user on both platforms. 

Once you are added as an admin user, please log in to Yext as shown above and go to "Home" in the top nav. On the "Optimize Your Account" card you will see options to connect the FB & GMB pages. 


You will only be able to connect GMB & FB accounts if you have admin access. Make sure your clients add you as an admin user.

How can I cancel Yext for a sub-account?

To begin a Yext Cancellation Request, you must fill out the following form:

Once submitted, our Yext Online Listings Team will work to respond to your request within two business days or less.

How do I see which locations signed up for my Yext Offer?

Head over to Agency view -> Agency Settings -> Click on Billing